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We members of the summer holiday fan group have mastered these things, and if there are any new members let them find out the whole Lefkada story through these posts:

  1. What is the fastest way to get to Lefkada?
  2. Where to stay and which beaches are there?
  3. Important information on what not to do on Lefkada?

The choice fell on restaurants and what to eat on Lefkada

I don’t even count the time I’ve spent on Lefkada anymore…and it’s always different…and there’s always more…

This year we were exploring the best restaurants…I’ll admit it – it wasn’t so hard for me…

I like eating…

And I loooove when it’s not ME who puts away the dishes, table cloths, leftovers…and when I don’t need to wash dishes…that’s what I really like 🙂 really really like.

what to eat on lefkada

This is how this top 5 list looks like…the restaurants you cannot miss out on, if you want good food, of authentic quality and CHEAP, the food prepared only for the Greeks.

The best restaurants  and what to eat on Lefkada


It is located in the village of Katochori, on the east coast, on Nydri-Vasiliki road…

Katochori village was once very alive and had a few thousands of inhabitants…There’s almost nothing there now. It’s alive only during the summer, mostly because of one café and one family restaurant.

Taxiarchis Taverna
The entrance to the restaurant

There’s no menu!

Uhh these are the kinds of restaurants I like 🙂

What the host chooses for the day is what is prepared…

Generally, there’s always barbeque and something that looks like skewer, but we called it “spinner” like Greeks.

Taxiarchis Taverna
The host with “spinner”

There’s of course souvlaki…gyros is not eaten here… only the real things.

Taxiarchis Taverna
The entrance to the restaurant

What’s not to be missed out in this restaurant:

Tirokafteri – mix of various soft white cheeses, feta, hot pepper, olive oil, garlic, and some add oregano, too. It’s part of the mezze plate.

Najbolji restorani Lefkada

Taxiarchis Taverna
Greek salad
Taxiarchis Taverna
Taxiarchis Taverna

Portokalopita -made out of torn pie crusts, nicely soaked into orange syrup.

Extremely juicy cake.

Greek orange pie

Watermelon and melon, as usual, a present from the host

Taxiarchis tavern


Nydri- Vasiliki road not far from Sivota. The village is called Fterno.

Many Greeks from that village went to the faraway America and Australia, and their descendants return only for a few weeks during the summer. 

Charis Taverna

A small village, and two taverns…

Charis tavern is located at the end of the village road, right next to the church.

What is very characteristic of this tavern is that the Greek salad is not served with feta cheese from the store as it’s usual and it’s not put on the salad…but with homemade feta, from that house, and it is served separately.

Charis Taverna

The texture of the homemade feta is different. It’s a little harder than the regular feta we’re used to, but with richer flavour…they are not stingy on fat 🙂

The spinner works here, too

Charis Taverna

But what’s not to miss is certainly mezze plate typical of Lefkada – from left to right – pork liver, pieces of the pork from the spinner (or skewer) and kokoretsi

Charis Taverna

Kokoretsi is a traditional Greek dish made out of lamb intestines (lungs, liver, kidneys and heart). Most often, it’s made on Easter, but it could be found on Lefkada even in the summer period, but in special places.

Of course, they didn’t tell me what I was eating, but when I said that it was EXCELLENT and ordered some more…that’s when the truth came out…

But by then it was all over…Kokoretsi had won my heart 🙂

Of course, we emptied our plates and left the fries… Because who would eat potatoes beside these other delicacies.

And then came the homemade aperitif…

Rozeli liqueur –of a great flavour, just the one I wished for to help me digest…neither bitter, nor too sweet…

Charis Taverna


This tavern is located on the very entrance of Nydri. You would probably say it’s one of the taverns for tourists…but it’s not…one hundred percent.

Pinewood Taverna L

The tavern has an excellent chef, who likes his job…so the flavours are fantastic…

And you shouldn’t miss out on:

Sfitsioza salad – salad of modern Greece – artichokes, dried tomatoes, eggplant, olive paste, feta cheese and different green salads

Homemade traditional Lefkada sausage

Pinewood tavern

Cheese saganaki – fried cheese…you must eat it with lemon juice poured over, and if you like exotic flavours add a little bit of honey as well…yum…yum

Greek style risotto

Steak in pepper



Steak in pepper

Risotto with seafood and saffron

The Greeks have Crock pot, too…The traditional food stifado is beef cooked slowly (8 hours) with onions (special kind) in tomato sauce, red wine…sometimes cognac as well…the beef was very soft and it melted in our mouths.

Pinewood Taverna


We met it here 


This is the tavern we’ve been over a few times here.

I don’t remember eating so well like this year.

I wish that for you too, so don’t miss out on visiting these taverns if you’re on your way to Lefkada.

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