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Savoury trips holds copyright on all contents and their application which are situated on Publishing that content without previously obtaining a written permission or accreditation is not allowed.

All photos, shorter or longer video recordings are also property of the Savoury trips. On the contrary, it will be clearly pointed out that either photos or video clips are downloaded from the Internet.

In case you notice some photos downloaded from the Internet are not marked as such, I ask you to be a friend and let me know so that I could remove them, adequately mark, or exchange them. You learn as long as you are alive.

I am not a tour guide, but the content of some travel texts are written with the help of services provided by certificated tour guides during the trips and personal research online, with the aim of better depicting and presenting the location that is being written about.

All opinions on the blog are personal opinions of the text author and the one that comments the text.

Savoury trips is not responsible for: accuracy or reliability of any of the opinions, advice or statements given on the and made by another website which is not Savoury trips, as for any content or products given on connected or linked websites.

If you notice that links towards other websites give inaccurate information, or are from any other reason ‘inappropriate’, please let me know by email in contact form on the website htpp:// so that I could timely remove them.

In case you wish or feel the need to publish any of the textual, video or photo content, please let me know about it via htpp://

If you do not feel like sending information via email, then link me appropriately in any case.

Appropriately’ looks like this: ‘the content has been taken from blog’, or ‘the content has been taken from (URL of the webpage you’ve taken it from)’. In case you publish the content via electronic media, it is mandatory to make the source you are naming a hyperlink, which could take the reader to the appropriate webpage of Savoury trips blog.

Every (partial or complete) usage, reproduction, multiplication, distribution or exchange of any parts of the design or content of the Savoury trips website, as well as the web logo and the title Savoury trips without an obtained written approval will be considered breaking intellectual property.

I can be a ‘friend’, so can you be. Sometimes, it is better to hold your tongue, than be impolite.

I do not allow assaulting, disrespectfulness, cynical comments, arguments or back chatting and such comments will be deleted, or not published. It is not difficult to behave appropriately.

It is also forbidden using texts from Savoury trips with the aim of destroying its and my reputation and honor.

False pretenses or stealing other’s identity is not recommendable, nor is sending, or exchanging any virus content, or similar programs, made with the aim of destroying, or limiting operation of any computer software and/or hardware or telecommunication equipment.

It is allowed and certainly desirable providing constructive ideas (taking into consideration everything mentioned as ‘forbidden’, ‘not allowed’, ‘not recommendable’) suggestions, sharing your recipes and travel stories, as well as traveling suggestions.

Savoury trips has no obligation to upgrade the content on the website and it can change it in any moment without a prior notice about that, just like it can improve or change the entire website and its structure.

Information confidentiality

Savoury trips will preserve complete communication confidentiality with all users which contains personal information about the user, in accordance with the power it possesses.

This way, Savoury trips (blog author) commits not to give, show, lend, nor sell to third persons your data (received via forms, questionnaires, correspondence…), except in cases when it is regulated by law. In case correspondence with some users is considered interesting for the other users, the author will always first ask for your approval to publish it.

Messages or data the user sends to either ‘message or chat board’ public messages online, will not be protected as confidential and with that said, user should be aware that linked websites can contain confidential provisions which differ from the provisions given here. Savoury trips is not responsible for such provisions and it completely rejects any responsibility related to it.

Website statistics

Savoury trips uses statistic website visit with the aim of obtaining adequate information on attractiveness and success of its webpages, and with that aim it uses service provided by the third party called Google Analytics and Similarweb.

Cooperation and partnership

I am sure that in this chapter we mutually respect each other and we can find a solution and cooperate.

On Savoury trips, promotions via texts (marked as ‘partner texts) or banners are possible, just as is the  cooperation with the blog author and other related activities which are connected to the theme of the content of the Savoury trips website.

Prices are not fixed and they can be negotiated by both parties, and the long-term cooperation is the best.

You are free to contact me about this via

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