Culinary Odyssey in Southern France

Bandol, južna Francuska

Secret Recipes from Bandol to Toulon

From Gastronomicom in Agde to the Stars of Bandol: A Journey of a Chef.

My culinary journey did not start in the clamor of Michelin kitchens, but on the shores of the tranquil Agde, in the heart of the French region of Languedoc. There, within the walls of the Gastronomicom culinary school, I laid the first and strongest foundations of my passion for gastronomy. Interacting with colleagues, exchanging experiences, and achieving my first culinary victories – all were part of the mosaic that shaped the chef who now stands behind every dish.

The classrooms of Gastronomicom were much more than learning spaces; they were stages where future masters of the kitchen encountered a wealth of new flavors and aromas. Among the walls of this school, every day was a new adventure, and lessons were written not just on paper, but also in the heart.

After acquiring the necessary knowledge and confidence, I packed my knives and dreams and headed to the shores of Bandol, where I first stepped into the world of haute cuisine.

A Culinary Waltz Between the Stars and the Sea

Every true artist has their canvas. For me, it was nothing less than a dance between the waves of the Mediterranean and the glittering stars of Michelin’s sky. My life’s path in cuisine was not just about preparing dishes; Les Olivier Restaurant in Bandol was not just my new home, but a class of its own, where each dinner turned into a symphony of flavors.

Promenada Bandol

Promenade- Bandol


View from Les Olivier Hotel and Restaurant

Bandol, this picturesque gem on the French Riviera, is known for its exceptional wines and vibrant landscapes. Between the azure sea and green vineyards, Bandol invites travelers to relax in its charming marinas. Here, where each season dresses in a new gown of colors and light, the gastronomic scene flourishes, and restaurants like Les Olivier offer not just a meal, but a magic that connects the spirit of the Mediterranean with the plate.


The restaurant kitchen where I spent.


Amuse Bouche’s days – one of the recorded.

At Les Olivier in Bandol, the rhythm of the restaurant kitchen was in constant motion. Here I learned how to create harmony between land and sea, how to weave a link between tradition and innovation, and how each served delicacy quietly transforms into art. Bandol was not just a place on the map; it was the starting station of my culinary odyssey.

Le Brusc

Le Brusc Coast

Le Brusc

I breathe life to the fullest Le Brusc

The Fishing Idyll and the Silence that Speaks in Le Brusc

Le Brusc is a quiet fishing village where tradition is respected and nurtured. Small boats and the scent of salt are part of everyday life, and local cafes are full of people laughing and sharing stories. This is a place where time flows slower, and the simplicity of life teaches us to value every moment. The silence of this place was like a balm, giving me a chance to dive into myself and find inspiration in simplicity. Here, I mostly combined the scents of the sea and local spices in my thoughts.

Le Brusc_2

Symbol of coastal life, Venus Sortant des Flots

Le Brusc_3

Blending spices

In its narrow streets surrounded by traditional houses, one can feel the pulse of simple life, full of local specialties. Le Brusc should be added to the map of every explorer who values silence, tradition, and the authentic taste of the Mediterranean.

Prodavnica Zacina Sanary Sur Mer

An oasis of spices and fragrances from around the world

Sanary-sur-Mer: A Torrent of Colors and Flavors

In Sanary-sur-Mer, the morning market is the heart of the town. This place is a tapestry of tradition and modernity, a blend that is also felt in gastronomy.

Parc Victorin Blanc


Parc Victorin Blanc

Coast view from the park

Sanary-sur-Mer, for me, is a pearl on the French Riviera, promising a true sensory experience to its visitors, a vivid stage of French charm and casualness. Narrow, cobbled streets hide boutiques and galleries offering unique artistic and craft items, perfect for those searching for original souvenirs.

Sanary Sur Mer

Narrow cobbled streets

Sanary Sur Mer

An oasis of unusual shopping

Gastronomically, Sanary-sur-Mer is a paradise for seafood lovers; at the fish market, you can find the freshest fish and shellfish, which can be tasted in nearby restaurants, where classic dishes like bouillabaisse, the heart of Provençal cuisine, are served. For dessert, try the “tarte tropézienne,” a deliciously light, creamy cake that will satisfy every sweet tooth.

Sanary Sur Mer

Sanary Port

Sanary Sur Mer

Sanary city center

Sanary-sur-Mer also abounds with natural beauty that invites exploration. Walks along the coast offer views of the endless blue of the Mediterranean, while parks and gardens, like those in Parc Victorin Blanc, provide fragrant oases for rest and relaxation.

Toulon Azurna Obala Francuska

City marine – Toulon

Toulon: The Pulsating Heart of Provence

Toulon is a city that blends military rigor with bohemian casualness. The city walls tell of a rich history, while modern storefronts twinkle in the sign of new times.

History enthusiasts can explore the National Maritime Museum or climb to the Faron hill, which offers a spectacular view of the city and its natural harbor – one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

Toulon Azurna obala Francuska

Opera house – Toulon

In the city of Toulon, one can unmistakably enjoy the richness of French cuisine. The Cours Lafayette market is a vibrant place where local producers proudly offer everything from fragrant cheese to delicious tapenade, while fish markets reveal the freshness of seafood from direct catch. Restaurants and bistros offer traditional dishes like “bouillabaisse” or “ratatouille,” and visitors should not miss “chichi frégi” – sweet Provençal fritters that are especially popular in Toulon.

Toulon’s nightlife pulses to the rhythm of music festivals, lively bars, and open-air restaurants. The Toulon Opera, one of the oldest in France, offers a rich repertoire for lovers of classical music and performances. And for those craving night-time entertainment, the harbor is home to numerous clubs and bars where cocktails are served with a view of the starry sky.

Chef Suzana Jovanović

Me, hardworking girl

Given that Toulon hosts a large military port, guided boat tours around the harbor are also available, offering insight into the military history and importance of the city. This Mediterranean gem offers a unique mix of culture, culinary delights, and nightlife, making it an unmissable destination in the south of France.

Epilogue of a Chef

From the meticulous workstations of Gastronomicom to the colorful terraces of Bandol, every bite, every scent, every texture is woven into the tapestry of my culinary story. Sanary-sur-Mer and Toulon have painted my creative mosaic with bright colors of the Mediterranean spirit and French tradition, leaving indelible flavors in my memory. This journey is not just a trip through geography, but also through the wealth of cultures and gastronomy that shape and inspire my culinary artistic expression, making it different from all the travelogues I have shared with you so far.

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