Boiled chicken croquettes on beetroot puree


I am very excited to be writing this recipe.

If you believe in the saying „the suit does not make the man“, I am sure that by applying this belief to the food you will become open to trying new things.

10 minutes PREPARATION
30 minutes COOKING


  • 2 medium sized beetroots
  • 1 orange juice
  • 150 gr goat cream cheese
  • 1 shallot onions
  • 2 spoons of olive oil
  • salt, pepper
  • 100 gr of chicken meat (boiled, roasted)
  • 50 gr of butter (room temperature)
  • 2 anchovies
  • 30 gr red onions
  • handful of parsley leaves
  • handful of coriander
  • ½ of a garlic clove
  • 2 lemon juice
  • salt, white pepper
  • handful of ground pistachio (or some other stone fruit)
  • A bit of vinegar
  • 4 egg whites
  • bread crumbs
  • flour
  • oil to fry/bread


  1. Clean the beetroot, wrap in aluminum foil and bake in the oven at 180-200°C for 30-45 minutes.
  2. In the meantime, blend all the croquette ingredients together. Fill the piping bag and fill the molds. Put the mold in the freezer and wait until the croquette mixture tightens.
  3. Once the beetroot is baked, pull it out of the oven, and leave it to cool down, then peel it and cut it into pieces.
  4. Put the beetroot in a blender and blend it together with the other puree ingredients (shallot, goat cheese, orange juice, anchovies, olive oil, salt, pepper). If the texture is too harsh, pass it through a sieve and leave it aside.
  5. If you are making a cold appetizer, leave the puree at room temperature until serving it the same day. If you're making it warm, feel free to warm it up before serving. In this case, the croquettes need to be warm, too.
  6. Now let's move onto the croquettes. Take the frozen mixture from the freezer and take it out of the mold. Previously, we have prepared the whisked egg whites, flour, and bread crumbs. While still frozen, roll the croquettes first into flour, then into egg whites, and then into bread crumbs. Then roll them again into egg whites and bread crumbs once again. Bake everything in heated oil until the croquettes slightly blush.
  7. Take the baked croquettes out of the oil and put them on a napkin so that the excess greasiness is removed.
  8. The puree is done, and the croquettes are baked. What's left is to choose the plate, and serve everything with edible flowers or microgreens.
  9. You can do it like I did it, or you can improvise on your own 🙂

Just look at this beauty with all of this on top 🙂

Kroketi od piletine / Chicken leftovers

At the end, I will show you how using a different plate for the same dish can completely change your perspective and eating experience.

And don’t forget the golden rule, before tasting the food, you are first and foremost eating with your eyes. If you are not attracted by food at first sight, the chances are you won’t like the dish.

Think about this before serving.

And now…where were we…at the recipe.

The good thing about this recipe is that you can eat it hot and cold. It’s excellent in both cases! You just need to warm it before serving. Or not.

Beetroot is in season

It tastes great, it’s not expensive, and it smells even better when you bake it in the oven. The technique is the same as when you bake the potatoes in foil (the one we love the most – with kaymak). The only thing different is the baking time which depends on the size of the beetroot. It takes about 30 minutes, but you need to check it from time to time.

Once the beetroot is baked, leave it in foil to cool down. Then, put the rubber gloves and peel the skin. The beetroot heart needs to be cut into pieces and put in a good blender.

Kroketi od piletine i pire od cvekle

A good blender? Is there another option?

The texture you get depends on the quality of the blender. A good blender gives you a shiny, pudding texture. With the ones of lesser quality, you will feel lumps in the puree because these types of blenders do not have enough strength to chop the rooty vegetables well.

But, if you don’t have a good blender, there is a solution. You don’t have to buy new blenders if you didn’t plan on that 🙂

Once you blend the beetroot and add all the ingredients that the recipe asks for, pass it through the sieve. The texture will be more than great.

Besides beetroot, I put the orange juice in the puree, olive oil, shallot onion, salt, pepper, and goat cheese. The goat cheese was an excellent final touch and it goes great with the beetroot. You need to try this combination whether or not you decide to make the rest of the recipe.

But the rest is amazing, too, believe me 🙂

Chicken croquettes

Chicken croquettes do not have to be only from chicken, but they can be from any type of leftover meat. Just clean it from the bones and veins.

This is a great idea on how to use the leftovers, and I must admit that it is very addictive because I caught myself eating the croquettes like popcorn. Every time I passed through the kitchen, I had to take one chicken croquette.

So, I don’t know what to say – it’s not ideal if you’re on a diet. Or if you have just decided to start a diet.

What is necessary for chicken croquettes?

You will need chicken or some other meat, butter, anchovies, red onions, parsley, coriander, garlic, lemon juice, a handful of some stone fruit (I had ground pistachio), and a bit of vinegar.

Blend all the ingredients together. Check the seasoning, fill the piping bag, fill the molds, and freeze.


A l’anglaise, have you ever heard of this technique?

Chicken croquettes are ideal for the breading technique a l’anglaise. This technique is famous for using only egg whites and standard flour and bread crumbs. In French cuisine, this is the most common type of breading.

First, roll the chicken croquettes in flour. Then, shake them so that the excess flour falls off. After that, roll them in the whisked egg whites, and shake them once again. At the end, roll them in the bread crumbs and shake them again.

And then…put back everything into the egg whites and bread crumbs once again.

All in all, 1x flour, 2x egg whites, and 2x bread crumbs with removing the excess of everything.

The breading you’re making CANNOT be thick and cannot change the croquettes’ shape. The shape has to stay the same one from the mold in which they were frozen.

If you’re using an entire egg for the breading, it will certainly be thicker.

This is the entire wisdom of this recipe, the rest is the plate 🙂

Chicken croquettes and beetroot puree


You will not have leftover chicken croquettes for sure. But if you have leftover beetroot puree, do not throw it away. Mix it into an omelet the next morning, it will be delicious 🙂

If you like vegetable purees, then this recipe is for you, too.

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