Sea bream recipe fried in pen with pomegranate salsa


Sea bream recipe… yum, such a delightful and simple recipe for everyone who likes fish. You can prepare both fish and salsa in only 20 minutes.

I did not feel like using the grill to prepare big pieces of fish these days, but my mouth was still watering at the thought of a sea bream or sea bass. It does not matter, whichever I can find at the shop 🙂

10 minutes PREPARATION
10 minutes COOKING


  • 4 fish fillets (sea bream, bass, trout..)
  • 200 gr cleaned pomegranate
  • handful parsley
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 chili pepper (jalapeno or something else)
  • One or two limes juice if they are drier
  • 1 smaller red onion
  • 1/4 teaspoon cumin
  • pinch of salt and pepper for salsa+ for fish


  1. If you bought the whole fish, you should fillet it. Make sure you remove all additional bones.
  2. Was the fish and dry it well with a paper towel on all sides.
  3. Fry it on skin side at a well heated pan for about 5 minutes.
  4. After 5 minutes turn it on the other side and fry no longer than 30 seconds.
  5. Remove the fish from the pan and leave it on the side.
  6. Prepare salsa by opening pomegranate, chopping green pepper, adding some hot pepper, parsley and red onion, all chopped into tiny pieces.
  7. Squeeze lime and add cumin salt and pepper into the lime juice.
  8. Combine all chopped fruit and vegetables at the end, end pour the lime and seasons juice. You will have a refreshing salsa to go with the dish.
  9. Serve the fish in combination with the prepared salsa.

So I set out to try to find some fish without a fishing rod, hoping to find something filleted at the same time. Just to be clear, the best fish is the whole fish, even if it is bred 🙂 

Finally, I found a sea bream and liked it immediately.

Orada pečena u tiganju sa salsom od nara recept

I am telling you, you should come up with your own healthy diet… My smile will not go away because I have yet another day to spend trying to get rid of some excess fat left over on my hips from winter. And I thought that it would be difficult because it would mean having to eat what I did not like.

However, this is the best of both worlds… I am eating an losing weight at the same time.

Sea bream recipe- fried in pan

So, I got my filleted sea bream from the shop. It is certainly my advice to put the fish under some cold water and check for any leftover bones.

Orada pečena u tiganju sa salsom od nara recept

I did not remove the skin, although it is not my favorite part (but the rest of my family likes it). It does look good when it is fried and crispy… Thus fish seems complete in some way.

After washing it, I took a lot of paper towels and dried it on all sides, but especially the skin. Unless it is dry enough, it will not be fried and crispy.

Then I salted only the skin, because it affects the crispiness.

Orada pečena u tiganju sa salsom od nara recept

Heat the iron pan, or you can also use the grill pan which must be among all the other pots and pans 🙂

I placed the fish with skin side down and fried until it turned crispy. The other side, depending on the size of the fish may not have to be fried… you can decide on that yourselves.

Mine was the usual portion size, so while frying on one side it was also frying on the other one. I only turned it on the other side for a couple of seconds.

Pomegranate salsa

This was a real refreshment in combination with this fried fish… I prepared this salsa with pomegranate, green pepper, red onion, and you can find some hot pepper in case you do not have jalapeno. As for the spices, use parsley, cumin, salt, pepper and lime and lemon juice.

Orada pečena u tiganju sa salsom od nara recept

I chopped it all into tiny pieces, mixed, seasoned and served with the gilt-head bream.

You can already assume the outcome… there was not a single bone left.

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