How Food Saver and Crock Pot helped me?


On my own

To be honest, I am no longer sure if it was the age, or just the back that betrayed me this time.

The first thing a person reaches for, not thinking about the consequences, once they find themselves in a situation like this, is ‘I should eat something sweet to cheer up’. And so, I reached for the chocolate cream jar in the lack of these Dragana’s cookies.

I’ve had this scenario a dozen times, but, luckily, self-discipline isn’t on the list of the ones that betrayed me. On another occasion, we can exchange our experiences about the amount of will, self-discipline and physical workout to burn all these recipes we’ve tried out.

In this situation, when I cannot brandish around the house with my wooden spoons, rolling pins, pots, cloths and everything else, I come up with all sorts of ideas to think about. In my case, they most often cause laughter, so I end up laughing with myself. I often think… if only someone saw me now… they would think I wasn’t very….

Frequently, those are some funny things for which in normal circumstances I never have enough time, or they are not at all on my mind.

Who’s stronger?

Are there stronger ones or weaker ones? For example, in the end, which sex is the stronger or the weaker one?

Just in the case of the situation in which I was a couple of days ago, and let’s call it ‘I god sick, and he is the one in charge of taking care of me’


And the other side, the ‘he got sick’ scenario

Awesome Andrija and Andjelka, they always make me laugh.

I provide one anecdote from a couple of years ago, along with these pictures…

I got sick, and with the fever of 38.5° C, I was absent from work for the previous two days, not even able to get to the toilet on my own, with every single bone in my body aching… he enters the front door (after work) and asks, still in the doorway, ‘What’s for lunch today?’

I rubbed my eyes, not believing what he’s asking me…

The conclusion here is that, unless you help yourself, no one else will

Well, in order to have an answer ready at any time, I thought one step ahead, and wasn’t even aware of it.

Remember when I wrote and advised you how to save up here?

That very saving, saved me in multiple ways. Apart from the financial saving, it saved me the physical effort in those days I spent most time in bed.

But I honestly hope you listened to my advice and used the Weekly day plan, and the Shopping list, because it really does work!

 How did Food Saver and Crock Pot help me?

But altogether…

Food Saver Crock Pot_4L

With the aim of saving, preserving groceries, planning menu, and everything else… I made two delicious lunches that day, thinking that if I already had to do it all, I could as well do it completely, and use my maximum capacities.

Although I’m not superstitious, (does everyone say that?) I always look up ‘towards the sky’ and think… ‘that one from the above probably sees all my efforts’

To get back to the subject between the two prayers… the courses weren’t completely cooked, of course, but half-prepared, for example, sliced dry fruit and all of the ingredients put in the freezing bag.

My idea was that, in those days, when I’m not able to cook something (applicable to the ‘I got stiffened’) and not to reach for the fast food, because that is the worst option after all… I take the half-prepared meal instead, and put it all in Crock Pot, and Crock Pot does the rest

From the idea to the realization

With the development of that idea, these two recipes were created:

  1. Beef fajitas (Tex-Mex cuisine, grilled meat with vegetable served with tortilla)
  2. Pork in sweet-sour sauce (Chinese cuisine)

Food Saver Crock Pot

Are you aware just how benevolent Mexican food is for preparation, and how little you actually have to do to get such a delicious and spicy meal?

For both courses (the recipe will come later), I chopped all ingredients, added the spices, put them in a plastic freezer bag and the Food Saver, vacuumed it to some extent and put it in the fridge to wait for one of those days, not suspecting they’d soon arrive.

After it, these days, when it was tight around my spine (read: the black days), I simply dropped everything in the Crock Pot, at a low temperature for 4 hours.

Food Saver Crock Pot

The result was lunch for everyone, and I had a ready-made answer to the question from the doorway.

Food Saver Crock Pot are there for me in those days, and I feel even less sorry for the effort and the assets I had to invest in it.

I win this time!

Hence, long live Food Saver and Crock Pot together!

And you too, together with them

Post Script

Can’t you tell how thrilled I am because I made such a great choice?

I would like to hear your opinion on the subject of Food Saver and Crock Pot? Do you have some experience with it?

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