Cheese festival in Belgrade


Good presentation- half the way to client’s stomach

There was another Cheese festival in Belgrade yesterday, the 5th one, but who’s counting.

The more the merrier 🙂

This time the rush to Savamala and Mixer House Belgrade began on Sunday, about 12:30 am. Second halftime.

I thought everyone was tired, so there won’t be crowd.

However, I could barely get to the door.

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
Mixer House

I turned around and looked towards the stalls, but there were none… I couldn’t see them because of the crowd.

Some very dear people were there so I greeted them (they’ll know who they are), so I collected all the questions and my camera and started to break the crowd.

There were more people than ever, so I had to make some plans about where to stay longer and how to do that. There was no room at the stalls to stay for some longer period, to take a picture, etc.

I decided to let my eyes do the job. The heart will have to wait.

It didn’t matter what kind of the cheese was in question, what it was made of, I simply wanted to see how much the presentation would draw my attention.

There were many of them, all kinds of stalls… varying from beverage, to meat, cheese to canned vegetables and candy. Today, I was interested in cheese, but I wouldn’t say no to sweets.

Presentation- half the way to a client’s stomach

I have to admit I was disappointed in some, and others met my expectations. However, some even managed to delight me.

To compare this one with the last year’s festival in October, you can read this text.

Everyone first eats with their eyes, and it’s only then that the real food tasting takes place. My eyes took me to following stalls:

Livanjski cheese stall

There were various kinds of cheese, with pepper, plain one, reserve. Unfortunately, reserve, which was my favorite last time was completely sold out on the very first day, so that I didn’t manage to sort it into my cart this time.

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
Livanjski cheese
Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
Livanjski cheese

Otherwise, I love rustic presentations in ethno style, especially if it’s a Serbian product. That is why, you’ll notice, my eyes loved mostly that kinds of presentations.

I consider Livno region my own 🙂 Cheese is actually fantastic, it has such a strong taste and it simply asks for some great wine. Apart from the regular raw cut cheese, you could also try it in combination with olive oil and spices.

Professor Budimirović

First class goat cheese. There is not much to say, and it was among my favorites last time as well. According to me, the presentation was great. Moderate, hedonistic amount of cheese carved on the board, an olive here and there, some dried fruit, grapes, and even some dark bread…

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
Budimirović goat cheese
Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
Budimirović goat cheese

Just when you cast a look at the surface on which it all was served, it’s clear that they know what they’re doing 🙂

Le Jardin du goût, Flavor Garden

It sounds French J This was new for me. I didn’t notice them last time. Presenting cheese in the ‘soup’ was magic to my eyes. And the cheese was great. Flavor Garden really seems promising.

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu

Another interesting shape of one of the Flavor Garden cheeses… cheese shaped like soup noodles or spaghetti, smoked and regular one. I would exchange popcorn for this cheese when I am watching a movie 🙂

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
Le Jardin du goût, Flavor Garden

This was the first time I’ve tried something looking like the French Brie, but a domestic version. I didn’t take a picture of it because there was just one piece left.

All these innovations come from Zemun. The only thing I don’t understand, it where do they keep the cows in Zemun?

Am I the Happy Goat?

Another amusing presentation, a Happy Goat, an agriculture estate Milos Todorovic from Veliki Gaj.

Festival stall looked like this, and you can check the website too, someone really put effort in it. Great job.

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
Happy Goat

A moderate amount of cheese (there was more carved, but, by the time I managed to get through and take pictures, it was all gone). It’s not cheese, but it is still worth mentioning, sausage of an interesting flavor, mangalica and goat meat mixture.

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
Happy Goat

The last stall which drew my attention was this one Friški Jazački.

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu

There was both flavor and taste and they sold it all 🙂

Giving my heart?

After I’ve gone the full circle, I returned once more to see if I’d missed anything. The presentation may not have been the better side, but the taste certainly was, so I found some space in my cart for it.

Janjic household from Valjevo, they’re selling their products in Cvetkova market (stall 43.). Great homemade cheese.

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu

The unbeatable Djudjini paketići, I simply love them. Mom Djurdja has almost sold it all when I came there, so there was nothing left to present. There were only two packages left which I luckily managed to put into my cart.

All in all, this is what my cart looked like, and Djurdja’s cheese is in the upper right angle on the board J

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
Potrošačka korpa

What was interesting at the festival

There were some interesting things.

Do you know what this is?

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
dried pork loin

This is dried goat loin, which came from one household in Hungary, the family which today lives in Kanjiza.

The taste and the aroma of meat was great, without some strong goat aromas. It might be a little saltier for me, but I am sure this delicacy can find its place in the shops. Let’s say that, if they reduced the amount of salt in the meat, I would buy their loins for all the money.

I don’t refuse sweets

My second, and then the third circle were over, and then so was the fourth one.

I couldn’t leave now without a treat 🙂 I never refuse sweets.

Black sheep. I tried all flavors. The least suitable for me was Gorgonzola flavor, while raspberry with Mascarpone cheese and pistachio was the best decision. A creamy milky flavor which simply intoxicates you.

Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu
Black Sheep

When are you going to start selling in Bezanijska kosa?


The festival was more innovative and there were more visitors. Every kind of cheese could be bought unlike in the last year’s festival. You should only arrive on time.

My recommendation is to either expand Mixer House, or to find some more spacious location. We are impatient to get to our favorite cheese.

As for the investors, you can put in some more money for presentation, because presentation is half the way to the client’s stomach.

Be even more innovative because that is the only way in which we can progress.

See you in a couple of months.




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