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In general, I don’t have a problem with Greek food when I am on vacation there. There is nothing I don’t like to eat, nothing to avoid nor make some health consequences. Unfortunately, I love everything about Greek food and sometimes that “EVERYTHING” means that I’m not leaving the gym for the whole day afterwards.

Of course, I’m working in the gym, so that I could make some space in my stomach for the next trip to Greece 🙂 .

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Old kitchen staff

Kefalonian cuisines

Kefalonia is not known only for its large number of attractions that can be seen, but also for its traditional cuisine, which still differs comparing to the rest of Greece.

It is based on light Mediterranean cuisine which uses olive oil, plenty of vegetables, fish and dairy products.

What you will certainly notice is that each table has a traditional Kefalonian feta cheese, which is one of the most famous in the world.

But beware, this is not an ordinary feta cheese that can be found in supermarkets called “Greek feta”. This one is really special.

Traditional Kefalonian feta cheese is made of ewes or a mixture of ewe’s and goat’s milk. Therefore, you will usually find and see these domestic animals on the hills and roads of Kefalonia.

Trip to Greece, food
Kefalonia, goats on the road
Trip to Greece, Food
Goat, Savoury Trips

The second very important thing on Kefalonia table is a cold drink.  What better there is to expect to drink than cold domestic white wine Robola.

Top 3 specific meals in Kefalonia are Kefallonitiki kreatopita or Kefalonia meat pie.

What we need for preparation:



Onion garlic

fresh tomato, rice

white wine

spices, salt, and pepper, olive oil…

Strapasada (Kagianas) 

fresh tomato

eggs, red bell pepper

salt, pepper….

Codfish aliada (garlic sauce) -here is a very interesting garlic sauce or puree. The original name of puree is Skordalia, but in the Greek’s menu, you will usually find it under Aliada.

Basically, this puree contains a greater amount of garlic, but on the other hand, it is tempered by potatoes or some nuts (almonds, hazelnuts …).

All we need is:



Garlic, lemon, flour, vinegar, olive oil…

Supply in Kefalonia

Supply in Greece is not difficult. Greeks are the real traders. I assume that there is no family who lives on the coast and doesn’t have at least one small supermarket.

The point is that if you do not find all of your necessary things in the first store, for sure you will find it in the next one which is only ten or twenty steps from the first one.

If you are close to the bigger towns, for example, Argostoli, there, you will find at least three chains of supermarkets (find Lidl as the cheapest option).

The open market in Argostoli near the harbor looks like this:

Food, Trip to Greece
Kefalonia, Open market in Argostoli
Food, Trip to Greece
Argostoli Open market

Small private shops with a healthy offer.

Food, Trip to Greece
Kefalonia, small shop in Sami
Food, Trip to Greece
Domestic natural tea

Food on the beach

We’ve already said that all beaches are excellently stocked, from the showers with fresh water to cafes, restaurants and even a toilet. Therefore, you don’t need to carry any food with you and have a problem of it heating in the sun.

Check here:

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The Ultimate Guide To Explore Kefalonia

Fancy restaurant on the beach, Lassi beach

Food, Trip to Greece
Fancy restaurant on the Lassi beach
Food, Trip to Greece
Everything that you can find on menu
Food, Trip to Greece
Inside the restaurant

Of course, there is also a large number of cafes where you can only have a drink and some sandwiches.

I’m always for a fresh orange juice, don’t care how much sugar is inside one glass 🙂

Food, Trip and summer in Greece
Beach Lourdata – Kaminia restaurant

For the night fever, if you want to go out for dinner you will find lots of restaurants with different styles. Many of them are well equipped with some kind of modern Mediterranean style.

However, I love those traditional ones with the famous Greek plaid tablecloths more 🙂 . I know that I will eat sooo goood there. Checked it couple of times, trust me and try it 🙂

Food, Trip to Greece
One of the restaurants on the main road in Lassi
Food, Trip to Greece
Restaurant in Fiskardo

Later, I will give you some recommendation from this restaurant in Lixouri.

Food, Trip to Greece
One of the restaurants in Lixouri, Paliki Peninsula, on the coast.


If you need some food recommendation, then these are the following things:

Unfortunately, I didn’t eat good gyros this time in Lassi, but in Argostoli I did. On the main square, near the pedestrian zone, there is one restaurant with super delicious gyros in pita bread. Just like any good restaurant in Greece, this one (on the first sight) also looks pretty modest, but do not let that fool you :).

Fish and seafood…restaurant Vinaries, situated on the coast, with a beautiful sea view somewhere on the road between lighthouse and Argostoli.

One recommendation for any kind of food, from the pie to the lamb is restaurant Spiros in Ag. Efimia.

What we tried to eat?

From the restaurant in Lixouri:

One big souvlaki. My favorite is the small one, from 4 do 6 sticks in on portion. With the smallest one, you get more meat, and less vegetables. Not even the Souvlaki is same anymore, so you have to choose wisely 🙂 .

Food, trip to Greece
Restaurant in Lixouri, Souvlaki

Codfish and Strapasada (from the beginning of this text) in one plate. It was a little bit greasy for my taste, and I couldn’t eat it all.

Food, Trip to Greece
Lixouri restaurant, Codfish

From the restaurant Spiros.

For the ones who don’t know what a traditional Greek salad looks like, here is a picture:

Food, Trip to Greece
Greek salad in restaurant Spiros
Food, Trip to Greece
Lavraki or seabass
Food, Trip to Greece
Traditional Kefalonian meat pie
Food, Trip to greece
Light summer salad with shrimps

This lamb was so delicious, it’s traditional name is Kleftiko. You can also create your own, and help arrives here 

Food, Trip to Greece

After savory food, you should complete your meal with some delicious Kefalonian desserts.

You can find the pastry shop in almost every corner and here is what is certainly a must try:

Food, Trip to Greece
Kataifi and Baklava, Pastry shop from Argostoli
Food, Trip to Greece
Pastry shop on the coast in Argostoli (Pistachios, almonds …)

Choco harmony

Food, trip to Greece
Pastry shop in Argostoli

My visit to one of the traditional Kefalonian pastry production and pastry shop

A part of this video is from traditional pastry production.

Behind the scene

How it is made:

Food, Trip to Greece
Argostoli traditional pastry production
Food, trip to greece
There are all kinds of things to go

I forgot the name of these sweets but it was so delicious, full of almonds but it wasn’t so sweet as it looks like. This was my favorite Kefalonian dessert 🙂 .

Food, Trip to greece
My favorite Kefalonia sweet

It is not Greek, but it is delicious

I have already mentioned in some earlier post that there are lots of English people on this island who live there for minimum six months per year. Do you remember the beautiful English style garden?

It could be said that they live in Kefalonia.
Now, those who live there, have something to do …

For example, one lady is making these delicious desserts near the Kefalonia Castle. She has her own cafe with delicious dessert and regular coffee drinks.

This is my favorite dessert which we will make together very soon.

Kefalonia, Food
Lime Cheesecake
Kefalonia, Food
Kefalonia, Food
Cheese cake with cherries

After all these food and sweets, I can only recommend you a coffee and of course the Greek one  🙂 .

Kefalonia, Food
Coffie …at the end

Also, book your ticket to Kefalonia on time 🙂

Have a nice trip!!

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