What is climbing in Italy like during winter?


First impressions from climbing in Italy

Unfortunately, I skipped cross-country skiing this year, although the trails were magnificent and a large number of people were there (only in Alpe di Suise, there were 80km trail for ambitious skiers).

Instead, I went on hiking, as climbing the mountain and acquiring a new experience.

What to say after it, it was fascinating, brilliant, challenging, and certainly healthy and I recommend it. I spent more calories and energy in that one day than in the previous four days of skiing.

The weather was sunny, nature glorious, and company even better. Everything was organized by a mountaineering company Catores, Guides.

Our guide’s name was Willy (I think that is how it’s spelled), a very silky man, filled with energy and amusing stories along the way.


Here is some advice, in case you decide to try this discipline out:

  1. Reaching the difference in altitude of 500 meters (e.g. from 1600 to 2100 meters, which was my challenge) is a ‘big deal’ for the ones who don’t do any other sports at least occasionally. Think again if you are going to venture into that adventure.
  2. Wear layers, there will be taking off and putting on clothes.
  3. Bring water or tea (if you have thermos) and some almonds, hazelnuts, just in case.

Everything else, you can see in the photos and the video…

 Starting block for climbing in Italy

The starting point was Selva (we arrived in Selva from Ortisei by bus with our guide).

Selva u dolini, planinarenje u Italiji

And then we started climbing… and climbing…

Hiking put 2, planinarenje u Italiji

We were exhausted at this point 🙂 (I cannot even mention that was only 15 minutes after the beginning of climbing):

planinarenje u Italiji

And then we continued climbing and climbing:

planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

Until we saw a pub (hiking pub):

Hiking kafanče, planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

Salvation for them all:

planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

And for me too:


planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

Some had some extra energy:

planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

And then a now challenge… we were climbing and climbing again (and we spread a bit here):

planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

Some fell behind:

planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

And didn’t know where to go:

Our goal

In the end, we got there:

planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

Eat, drank and left:

planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

Now what?

I was so thrilled by climbing in Italy, that immediately after I returned to the hotel, I started googling about the gear and footwear so that I could participate in that kind of activities more (at first, gaining some knowledge and physical shape in Serbia).

Now I am richer for one experience, fancy climbing shoes, and my member ticket is sticking from the pocket (the one of the Mountaineering club Zeleznicar).

What always feels good, and it felt good for me too after a demanding skiing day, and hiking as well, is a hotel bar, quiet (no kids allowed), with my hubby bubby… spritz Aperol, olives and some junk food (you didn’t get this from me 🙂 )

planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

View through the window into the distance:

planinarenje u Italiji, Val Gardena

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