Poppy seed rolls

Quick and easy poppy seed roll

Poppy seed roll my choice for today 🙂

Even though I really like poppy, and poppy seed strudel even more, I really don’t like making the crust. It’s always time engaging. That’s why I needed to find a way to overcome this task.

At the end, I surprised myself by finding two simple ways.

The first is to make the poppy seed strudel in a shape of a roll, and the other is to make it with puff pastry from the store.

Poppy seed roll topped with cheese

Poppy seed roll


For the crust, you need eggs, flour, baking powder and sugar. It’s always better to add some aroma or spice in the crust because then you will enhance the already existing flavours. I added vanilla, but you can add rose water, lemon zest, lime, orange, cocoa etc. This crust should be baked.

The other option for the crust is the store bought puff pastry. You should just spread it and bake it in the mold in which you will fill the poppy seed roll.

Poppy seed cake

Poppy seed filling

The filling is so good that you can eat it like Nutella 🙂 With a big spoon. And this is what you have to do to see it for yourself:

Poppy seeds, condensed milk, (milk) chocolate for cooking… fantastic combination for poppy seed roll.

The filling should be cooked.

Cheese filling

Cheese filling is what makes the cake light. It has the same use as vanilla ice-cream for baklava. If you haven’t tried this combination yet, then you don’t know what you’re missing.

I used the best possible option for the cheese filling – mascarpone cheese, orange flavour and 35% fat sweet cream (Kravica).

This filling should just be whisked.

Poppy seed roll topped with cheese

Filling the roll with poppy seeds and cheese

Once you make everything you need, you should fill the cake with all the ingredients. It doesn’t matter if it’s a roll, or a regular square shaped with puff pastry like mine. Poppy seed filling always goes on the crust, and when it cools down in the fridge, you should add mascarpone cheese cream.

Decorate with poppy seeds, cocoa or some berries on top.

Poppy seed roll topped with cheese

And now a complete recipe.


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