Slow oven roast lamb and French puree


Slow oven roast lamb or some other red meat is my favorite dish for the weekends.

And that’s not only because you don’t have to stand next to the stove all the time, but because you get the perfect comfort food that everyone likes.

120 minutes COOKING


  • 1,5 kg of lamb shoulder
  • 45 gr of brown sugar
  • 50 ml sherry vinegar (or apple)
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 500 ml beef broth
  • thyme
  • oregano
  • salt, pepper
  • mashed potatoes as a side dish (milk, butter, cooking cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg)


  1. Mix sugar, vinegar, spices, garlic clove cut in half, and beef broth.
  2. Remove the excess fat from the lamb and salt and pepper it well on every side.
  3. Put the lamb on the bottom of the pot and pour the marinade over it.
  4. Bake at 180°C for 120 minutes covered with a lid (or wrapped in aluminum foil) or until it completely softens and the meat starts separating from the bones.
  5. After baking, take the lamb out and leave it aside. Sauce, that is marinade, strain and reduce until the desired thickness on the stove. Check the seasoning and modify if needed.
  6. I already explained to you how to make French puree in the post above, but you can make it as usual. Boil the potatoes, add butter, milk, and cooking cream, salt, and pepper, and mash it all well.
  7. There is nothing better than serving the lamb over the puree and pouring the reduced sauce over.

For this type of dish, it’s generally important that the meat has a layer of fat here and there.


With lamb, if it’s not from the mountains, that is, the best…you should remove the fat as best as you can because of the smell…You know it, it’s not pleasant for most of us. I have to admit that I don’t like it and because of that, I am very detail-oriented when it comes to lamb.

This is one of those fantastic oven recipes where you have to put in minimal effort.

Sočna jagnjetina iz rerne i francuski pire krompir

Oven lamb

This recipe is for every occasion.

There is no better food than the one that sticks to the fingers.

You also don’t need many ingredients. What you do need is some goodwill to put it all in one pot.

Try to get a nice quality lamb shoulder. Besides that, you need beef broth. You can also use the one made from a soup cube. A bit of vinegar, a sugar that gives a special flavor to the sauce, garlic…because there is no good dish without garlic. And at the end, spices…

As a side dish to the lamb, I made French puree which was fantastic with the aromatic piece of meat.

What kind of French puree is that?

Of course, they make it as we do, but the key is butter. They put it 3 times more than we do.

I often substitute part of the butter with our kaymak, so I get the creamiest Serbian puree. This is a great option if you have kaymak.

Jagnjeća plećka recept

Instead of just milk, they put cooking cream and milk combined. And I also need to mention one more thing… Always heat up milk or cooking cream before pouring it into a hot and just boiled potato. By doing this, you are reducing the possibility of having your potato stretching like gum.

Besides salt and white pepper, I also added nutmeg for a richer flavor.

The measure is 1/3 of butter or kaymak and then cooking cream and milk…That’s how you get the creamiest puree ever.

One pot jagnjetina sa super sosom


In the end, reduce all the juices from the lamb together with the marinade. Try it and if needed, adjust the basic spices…salt, pepper…

If you like lamb, but you have no idea how to make it I am here to help…

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