Palačinke sa voćnom fermentisanom vodom _ Pancakes with fermented juice

Pancakes made of fermented juice

Pancakes with fermented juice

These pancakes made of fermented juice are actually American pancakes but with a French touch. I picked up the idea and know-how from one of the most famous French pastry chefs Phillippe Conticini.

What is Fermented Juice?

It’s nothing new, it’s been known to the world for thousands of years. The massive reuse of fermented water in culinary art is just a sign that cooks are going back to their basics too 🙂

Fermented water is water or juice obtained by fermenting fruits. The water thus obtained can be used for both salty and sweet dough.

How can we get fermented juice?

There are two ways and neither one is complicated, it just takes patience as you want to make sour dough bread.

I Option

Mix water, sugar or honey, yeast or probiotic. Pour over the fruit already washed and completely healthy, meaning no damage. Close the jar and wait 2-10 days for the first fermentation bubbles to appear. After that, you can use both fruits and water to make delicious bites.

II Option

Mix water and sugar or honey and pour over the fruit you have already cleaned, washed, and placed in a jar with a lid.

For both options

Added water should be warm but not hot, the jar should be closed most of the time. BUT, it is very important to open the jar 1-2 days for new oxygen to enter and CO2 to escape, and also to neutralize the possibility that jar COULD explode. Keep the jar warm all the time (about 25 ° C)

Fermented water is ready when it becomes very active, and when a lot of bubbles appear. So I say wait for 2-10 days depending on the fruit you use and the ambient temperature where the jar is located.

Pancakes with fermented water

What fruits to use and how?

Some fruits become fermented faster, making fermented water faster or slower. But you can use all types of fruits, frozen, fresh and dried fruits…But how?

Fruits as peaches and plums are the best for fermentation. They are very tasty and keep their color. These fruits are ready for fermentation once they are washed, peeled and pitted.

Mango and pineapple can also be used and they can be fermented well, but after washing them, they need to be cut into cubes of equal size to ferment everything simultaneously. 

Grapes are another option, but as their skin is thick, meaning that water and sugar cannot penetrate it, it is necessary to cut the grapes in half and puncture them with a needle.

Pears, apples and red fruit can also be fermented, but they will lose its colour and don’t look good. For example, an apple will turn black, whereas a raspberry will turn white.

Other options that ferment successfully

Rum, wine, cognac.

What is flavoured fermented water?

It is the water in which you add flavours such as vanilla, grapefruit, citrus juices, cinnamon sticks, ginger, fresh mint. It is not recommended to use powdered spices because they blur the fermented water and affect the colour of the final product. This is unless it was your goal from the beginning.

Palačinke sa fermentisanom vodom _ Pancakes with fermented juice

NOTE for Pancakes made of fermented juice

I made my fermented water out of grape juice, a little bit of yeast and spices. In this way, I tried to shorten the fermentation process. I kept it for 24 hours on room temperature, but it would have turned out even better if it had stayed even longer.

Pancake dough made with fruit fermented water

I already explained to you how I made improvised fermented water. When it came to quantity of each ingredient, I followed the instructions on the yeast bag, but instead of water, I put juice and spices. Then I mixed part of that water with flour and left it overnight. The dough grew and got its sour taste.

For this step, if this is your first time making it, I recommend making real fermented water from the beginning of this post, and then when you master your skills, start experimenting in this way. 

I added the remaining ingredients for pancakes to the dough and baked at medium temperature.

Cream caramel with banana taste

Another important thing in this recipe is cream caramel which is something the French cannot live without, but with banana taste. It is made out of the combination of honey and sugar in which you later add sweet cream or cooking cream, butter and thinly cut banana.

It is important to heat up the honey, and then add sugar several times. You should also heat up the cooking cream before adding it to the hot caramel. Caramel and cream should be of the same or similar temperature.

To understand the process, it is best to watch this video.

Decorating should be done how you personally like it 🙂  You can do it as I did in the pictures with fresh fruit and mint or…some other way you like it…

Those of you who like the salty version better should refer to this.

Pancakes with fermented juice

You can find the complete recipe for sweet Pancakes made of fermented juice at the end of this post.

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