Chicken fajita

Chicken fajita with guacamole and tzatziki sauce

A combination of two traditional cuisines

To put it simply, we love eating great food.

You cannot see that on us, but one thing that you also cannot see after “loving food” is that we plug in ourselves and run until the food comes off of our bodies 🙂 .

Chicken Fajitas


Unfortunately, I have never been to Mexico, but I cook like a Mexican 🙂 (I’m kidding, of course). This is one of my favorite cuisines.There was not an occasion in which I prepared something Mexican, and we didn’t overeat… every single one of us.

Do you know what that looks like?

We drag ourselves away from the table and sit either on the bed or on the floor, for the next hour, to at least try, to digest what we had gulped.

Our hungry eyes…

Then, on the other side, the Greek traditional cuisine was used in the shape of tzatziki sauce. About tzatziki I wrote here it’s a must for my whole family. The first thing you order in a Greek pub are two Greek and two tzatziki salads…

No, I don’t eat it all by myself… there are 4 of us.

Chicken fajita and tzatziki sauce

Chicken Fajitas

Tortilla with all necessary ingredients

The Greek and Mexican tradition on one plate.

As opposed to the traditional Mexican fajita, which is ‘a bit’ stronger, this is an ideal recipe after a lavish weekend feast.

Here you’ll need two tortillas… as a basis of the recipe.

You can buy tortilla in a supermarket as a done product, or you can make it yourself.

You can also buy tzatziki, but it tastes much better when you prepare it yourself. It is a very simple recipe to make. You’ll need a cucumber, Greek yogurt, and some spice, and the recipe is here.

Avocado and guacamole sauce

Guacamole sauce, for those who might not have heard, is a sauce made from ripe avocados, garlic, and lime juice. Avocado has to be cut lengthwise (slowly, because the pit is in the middle), remove a large pit, and remove the avocado flesh with a spoon. Put it into a blender, or whatever you have, squeeze lime, add 1 clove of garlic and mix all together. Someone likes chopped guacamole, but for me, it is better with the paste or pate structure.

Now, the guacamole sauce for this recipe is finished.

What I like to add at the end is the cheddar cheese, grated. If you do not have cheddar cheese you may replace it with gouda, or some similar cheese … it’s just important that it’s a little softer and it melts in your mouth.

Chicken Fajitas with Tzatziki sauce


Now that we’ve prepared all the ingredients we can put them in a tortilla. Do not overfill it, otherwise it will fall out and leak all over the place … there is always the option for another tortilla … and then another … and another …. and so we become little piglets 🙂 .

You can see the instructions on the packaging on how to prepare tortilla… If that’s too hard for you, then the pancake shape is a perfect option…

Now grab your tortilla with chicken and enjoy 🙂 !

Chicken Fajita
Chicken Fajita


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