Živogošće – Dalmatia by Vera Cvetković



The summer 2015 which remained in a beautiful memory. We were stationed in Zivogosce, where my husband’s parents had a house 20 years ago. We rented an apartment three houses away from where their house used to be, and we had a wonderful time.

Here are a couple of photos:

A view from the balcony:




We enjoyed fresh fruit sold by the locals on the beach from a small boat:

We, people living far from Europe, (in Canada in this case), are not often given such a chance for a vacation on the Adriatic coast. With that alone, we had to organize well and use every single day to its fullest. We made various trips north and south from our apartment.

What you need to visit if you happen to be in the neighborhood:

Dubrovnik – a tour around the old town, visiting shops with souvenirs and famous coral jewelry. It is always amusing to see the old town, but it is too crowded during the season. There are tourists from all over the world, cruisers, yachts. You can find attractive galleries and exhibitions in any moment in the town, and the “Game of Thrones” tour is an actual hit. (photos of the old town, market, musicians).

Old town:

Everything is always jolly:

Ston old town Pelješac on our way back from Dubrovnik, we decided to have a lunch in Ston. We enjoyed in white wine and mussels in red sauce:

If you happen to be there, be sure to visit the restaurant Kod Bace.

Slapovi Krke  a gorgeous national park. We spent the entire day on tour, sightseeing and swimming.

Makarska Promenade – a walk and a dinner with friends, Dalmatian pašticada (stewed beef dish), and seafood on grill are always a great choice with some local wine.

Baške Vode Riva a tourist destination on Makarska seaside. The name of this place is mythological (Greek mythology). It is a real joy walking down the seaside and afford some refreshments in some of the local cafés (I would recommend any of them).

Neretva Valley  fertile soil and fresh products, be sure to buy some 🙂


A recipe I would like to share with you from this trip is Dalmatian pašticada which you can download on the following link “Dalmatinska pašticada “.

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