Vacation Dominican Republic

Never before written truth about the Dominican Republic

Vacation Dominican Republic

When we decided to travel across the pond, it was a pity not to use the opportunity and visit some of the exotic countries. There were various options: Cuba, Mexico, the Bahamas, but this time the choice fell on vacation Dominican Republic in July. Hurray!

Vacation Dominican Republic

This is one of those trips where you have to be a part of one of the resorts, especially if you’re coming here and booking the accommodation for the first time.

I did not know what to expect from all of this, I didn’t have any prejudices either…my head was filled with some assumptions only.

I spent a long time thinking about which side of the Dominican Republic I should show you. Every side of the popular Dominican Republic is very pretty, vivacious, fiery, full of smiles, dance, and music, but only some them are a bit sad.

What’s behind those happy faces and the doors they close behind them when the work day is over in one of the resorts if they are not far away from their homes already.

More about which types of luxury we enjoyed inside the resort alone you can read in some of the next posts.

Vacation Dominican Republic

How to leave the resort?

This is the question I had been asking myself a few months before taking off. We’re not one of those tourists that stick to the resort and don’t budge. What’s more, this is our first time being a part of some resort with an all inclusive option.

That’s what had been worrying me the most. I thought I would be bored to death.

When I was asking around how and where to get out of the resort walls the most frequent answer I got was “You don’t” because “there’s only squalor, misery and poverty and nothing more”.

Squalor, misery, and poverty I can see in my own country, and that doesn’t stop me from moving freely.

I was not satisfied with their answer.. so I moved on…

Vacation Dominican Republic

One of the ways out was with the help of the agencies that take you touring. We asked a few of them and concluded that there were more than enough organized sightseeing tours for our 8-day stay.

I went camouflaged, of course 🙂 (see my truck) because their stories scared me to death beforehand 🙂

If you asked me now after all that I saw there and been through if I would do the same thing, my answer would be “YES”.

It seems unimaginable to me to wander there all by yourself, without a guide or some Dominican that you know. It’s not as if you go to rent a car agency, take a car and a map and go sightseeing from one point to another. So stick to the organized tours which you have more than enough, at least for the first time.

What’s behind the walls of the luxurious resorts

Magnificent and untouched nature.

Ok, the climate is not really to my taste, because the humidity is 90% on 30°C temperature. So you should wear lots of cotton clothes and drink lots of water, too. That’s when I started liking the air conditioning 🙂

But because of this, everything is green, rich and relaxing.

Vacation in Dominican Republic

Imagine Ferdinand (famous cartoon) under this tree.

Vacation Dominican Republic

This is where the Anaconda movie was filmed, for sure.

Vacation Dominican Republic

Bad economic situation

Unfortunately, I felt really sad watching everything else…it’s a state of overall poverty. Most of the population is on the brink of the material existence. To make matters worse, the same population has to support refugees from Haiti that come in everyday.

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Towns with poor infrastructure and overcrowded streets.

Vacation Dominican Republic

The most common means of transport is motorcycle.

Vacation Dominican Republic

Or a pickup with an open back part…because then more people can fit

Vacation Dominican Republic

They have public institutions as well, but they don’t have as many members as those in the other parts of the world.

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This is how a police station in a rural area looks like

Vacation Dominican Republic

Bank or casino?

Unfortunately casino.

They are visited by a large number of young people who are trying to find better luck in the life.

Maybe they are using a wrong way!

Vacation Dominican Republic

If you dive a bit into the villages, most often, the images aren’t as promising. The houses are built of mud and wood. Of course, there are some richer homes made out of bricks, but you can rarely see them.

Vacation Dominican Republic

Instead of numbers on houses, the mailman distinguishes them by colours. In that way, he takes the mail to the El Salado village, to the blue house.

Vacation Dominican Republic

And this is how a supply chain looks like in small places

Vacation Dominican Republic

Vacation Dominican Republic

Education in development

I found out that the Dominican Republic government in recent times has been investing a lot in education and schools. In a way that can help a lot in the development of the Dominican society and economy.

Posted by Putovanje sa ukusom – Savoury Trips on субота 8. јул 2017.

The state in which I found it was pretty challenging. The state has provided schools, with a not so bad infrastructure, and the kids can go to school, but don’t have to. The parents are those who decide if and when they will start school. So, you can see kids born in different years attending the same class.

Another discouraging fact, for me, is that the state doesn’t review the situation among children, that is, how much of those who started school, have managed to finish it.

Vacation Dominican Republic

You could give a donation for their schools, and that’s what we did. As the hope dies last, I hope that this beautiful child will find some better life tomorrow.

Vacation Dominican Republic

Until the information about better education come to life, the children there will most often spend time behind the barbed wire of the school yard, so to speak:

Vacation Dominican Republic

or on the street

Vacation Dominican Republic

pleading for happiness of USA $ 1

Vacation Dominican Republic

And what do some people do to survive?

They cultivate the banana plantations

Vacation Dominican Republic

Export cocoa

Vacation Dominican Republic

As well as coffee

Vacation Dominican Republic

They process it, too

Vacation Dominican Republic

But even when you go through all of that, see it with your own eyes and learn something from their destinies…you know what stays etched into your memory the deepest…

Happiness and joy

Their happy faces, smiling and beautiful even though their lives are full of challenges.

Vacation Dominican Republic

Bright and musical spirit

They are the type of people who in any given moment can start singing and dancing, they don’t need a reason for something like that.

Last Domenican song for goodbye 🇩🇴❤️It is happy one as they told us 🥂#vacation #carebbeansea #travelblogger #travelblog

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And what sense of rhythm do they have… if only I had at least 0,5% of what they have.

Vacation in Dominican Republic

And afterwards, it’s time for…

The Caribbean sea

Vacation Dominican Republic

It’s worth traveling half the world for these sunsets.

Vacation Dominican Republic

And in order to come again and be a part of that culture and spirit in the hopes of having some of those magical things transferred onto me, I first have to leave them with a heavy heart…And so, after 8 beautiful days in the Dominican Republic, we had to return home the same way.

Vacation Dominican Republic

But I must admit, for the first time I was glad to be born just where I was.


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  1. Becci Abroad 28.10.2017 at 19:57 #

    Thanks for sharing! I believe it is very important to get out of the resorts when on these types of holidays because none of the resorts will show you the “real” everyday life of the people in the country you visit.

    The same is the case for Cuba. A lot of people visiting, never leaves the resorts and never meet the locals. It is a pity. Actually, from your pictures, Dominican looks a lot like rural Cuba.

    I’m happy to hear that you didn’t let you scare off by the replies you got at the resort 😉

    • Suzana 28.10.2017 at 22:23 #

      I hope once I will go to Cuba and also to Mexico 🙂 I couldn’t imagine my vacation not to leave the resorts..I have to go out to see with my eyes… 🙂

  2. Amy Poulton - Page Traveller 28.10.2017 at 21:31 #

    Hey Suzana,

    This was really interesting, thank you. I think when we travel, sometimes we forget that it’s also someone’s home. Very insightful – thanks for sharing.

    • Suzana 28.10.2017 at 22:19 #

      Glad that you like it! For me that side of Dominicana it was very interesting…and I will go again for sure 🙂 Also you can see very nice agritourism and spend few hours a day 🙂

  3. Abby 30.03.2020 at 04:41 #

    Thanks for this article. It lead me to your website, which is really neat.

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