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Pinewood Taverna What to eat Lefkada

Top 5 restaurants where the Greeks like to go

Fellow members and those who will become ones We members of the summer holiday fan group have mastered these things, and if there are any new members let them find out the whole Lefkada story through these posts: What is the fastest way to get to Lefkada? Where to stay and which beaches are there? […]

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5 Most important things you shouldn't do on Lefkada

5 Most important things you shouldn’t do on Lefkada

I’ll easily write down everything you can do on Lefkada, but lets’ start with what you shouldn’t do… What not to do on Lefkada? I know I sound like a broken record… Don’t go on big boat cruises if you’re not ready to compromise – we talked about that here. Forget about dieting, it’s such […]

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