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Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu

Cheese festival in Belgrade

Good presentation- half the way to client’s stomach There was another Cheese festival in Belgrade yesterday, the 5th one, but who’s counting. The more the merrier 🙂 This time the rush to Savamala and Mixer House Belgrade began on Sunday, about 12:30 am. Second halftime. I thought everyone was tired, so there won’t be crowd. However, I […]

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Trip to Geneva

A Geneva you haven’t seen before

Two words Switzerland. Geneva. A trip to Geneva. If somebody asked you to describe Geneva in two words, I think that most of us would say it is a cosmopolitan city, like Paris, London or Rome. Expensive cars in the streets, expensive clothes, expensive watches and jewelry, and an expensive life. The city of money. […]

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