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Skijanje Livinjo / Skiing in Italy Livigno

Livigno ski resort – the best skiing, fun, food and comfort

Skiing trip to Livigno ski resort is the most thorough skiing experience I have ever had. It is almost impossible to find a trip of a similar content anywhere in Europe, and I have visited some of the world’s best-known ski resorts. I have spent 7 years skiing there. I’ve been there with my kids, […]

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Terme Čatež Slovenija / Catez Thermal Spa Slovenia

Catez Thermal Spa Slovenia what can you expect there?

Storytelling- word of mouth I’ve only known about Catez Thermal Spa Slovenia from the stories told by a great number of my friends who’d been there. I’ve become so familiar with them that at some point I convinced myself one of those stories was mine as well. However, in reality, it’s not exactly like that. […]

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Top attraction in Gruyere

Top 10 Gruyère attractions you should visit

Trip to Gruyere The Gruyere region is well known for its famous cheese Gruyere which can be mixed into every dish. In that region, there is also a small town with a similar name Gruyères. Gruyères sits on the top of the hill in the heart of Switzerland. Where the green surfaces fascinate, and your […]

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