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Splitska Riva, Putovanja, Letovanje u Splitu

5+ insider info for a summer vacation in Split

Split- the city of the Game of Thrones Not so big, yet, the second in size city in Croatia. It is set between high mountain peaks of mountain Mosor and the Adriatic coast, Dalmatia. Split has been and still is the city of culture, beautiful architecture which is suitable for both romantic and family trips, […]

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Trip to Bratislava

What did we learn on our trip to Bratislava?

Arriving there Our handpicked group arrived to Bratislava, some for the first time, and some, at least, for the second. What I memorized at first is a good joke about Slovakian policemen (a joke on them, its purpose is not to insult anyone J) I have to tell it to you, I loved it: ‘Two […]

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