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Top attraction in Gruyere

Top 10 Gruyère attractions you should visit

Trip to Gruyere The Gruyere region is well known for its famous cheese Gruyere which can be mixed into every dish. In that region, there is also a small town with a similar name Gruyères. Gruyères sits on the top of the hill in the heart of Switzerland. Where the green surfaces fascinate, and your […]

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trip to South Burgundy

Top ten reasons for a trip to South Burgundy

3 passions and 1 trip The trip to South Burgundy was, so to say, for my soul. It was a very extraordinary and relaxed vacation you can only wish for in your life. No stress, no rush, panic, yelling or politics. When you merge your three loves: Love for travelling Plus Love for food and […]

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Trip to Bratislava

What did we learn on our trip to Bratislava?

Arriving there Our handpicked group arrived to Bratislava, some for the first time, and some, at least, for the second. What I memorized at first is a good joke about Slovakian policemen (a joke on them, its purpose is not to insult anyone J) I have to tell it to you, I loved it: ‘Two […]

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Trip to Prague

Why not to travel to Prague?

Again trip to Prague Every time I come to Prague it is somehow different. New faces, new young people, new experiences and new knowledge. If you like stereotypes, then, a trip to Prague is definitely not for you. Can you see and experience the spirit of Prague in day and a half? Of course, even […]

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