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Festival sira u Beogradu, šta videti u Beogradu

Cheese festival in Belgrade

Good presentation- half the way to client’s stomach There was another Cheese festival in Belgrade yesterday, the 5th one, but who’s counting. The more the merrier 🙂 This time the rush to Savamala and Mixer House Belgrade began on Sunday, about 12:30 am. Second halftime. I thought everyone was tired, so there won’t be crowd. However, I […]

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Sajam Hedonizma&

How much does hedonism cost us?

Old hedonism fair in the New Year’s addition. Hedonism comes from the times of Babylon and famous Epic of Gilgamesh, in which lines are full of hedonistic philosophy. ‘Fill your belly. Day and night make merry. Let days be full of joy. Dance and make music day and night […] These things alone are the […]

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