Kefalonia best beaches and swimming, where are they?


Kefalonia best beaches, overall impression

Kefalonia is surrounded with the best looking beaches in Europe, and even in the world. Most of them were nominated for a prestigious award ‘Blue Flag’ as the cleanest beaches in the world.

You can really choose and there are so many of them, that the chances are low you can manage to visit each of them during a ten-day stay. They are various, from the shingle ones to the beaches with natural sunbathing boards, pebble beaches and what most of us love, long sandy beaches.

Pebble and shingle beaches, as well as the ones with natural stone boards, are mostly in the northern part of Kefalonia, around Fiskardo and Skala, all the way to Ag. Efimia in east.

One thing that all Kefalonia beaches have in common and what differs them from most of the other Greek beaches is that every one of them has a drinking water shower, a restaurant or a café on the beach, and along with that a bathroom and even a changing room.

Every beach also has a possibility of renting a sunshade and sunbeds, the prices of which vary from 6-10 euros for 2 sunbeds and a sunshade. On the other hand, there is some empty space for all the ones who don’t like the sunbeds, so that they can bring their equipment for a lazy day on the beach.

I divided beaches into days, so that you can combine a swim with the tour at the same time. In order to do that efficiently, I recommend first reading the post about the tours through Kefalonia, what and where to go, here.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming


As we mostly devoted it to the western side of the island and Paliki peninsula, these are the beaches I would recommend visiting.


There are a lot of sandy beaches, both more intimate and the bigger ones.

This is a small one, near the hotel Mediterranee.

The beach is around 200 m long, it has a shower and an excellent fast food offer in a bar (Greek salad, a sandwich, snacks, cocktails…).

Kefalonija leto, Kefalonija plaže
Smaller sandy beach

Makris Gialos

Near this small beach, on the way to the airport and Skala, there is a long sandy beach, also in Lassi.

You can determine its length by some of the details in the following pictures, where you can see 4 kinds of sunshades. The price depends on the sunshades, so the cheapest ones are 6 euros (blue, red, yellow), and the most expensive one is 10 euros (cane), and this was in September.

Kefalonia best beaches
A long sandy beach

Same beach, different sunshades.

Kefalonia best beaches

This is considered a natural shade, so the price is higher.

Kefalonia best beaches
Natural shade, Lassi

Canopy beds are not categorized as sunshades, but they can also be rented and it is a bit more expensive.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Canopy beds on the beach

The beach in Lassi is an ideal place for families with young children in September. It’s not crowded then, so you won’t have trouble finding a suitable place on the beach. There is significantly more crowd during the season. I recommend arriving to the beach earlier, in case you want to be able to grab your spot.

As you can see, the beaches are wide enough, fitting up to 7-8 lines of sunshades.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Makris Gialos beach

This is a very fancy refreshment spot, so the beach and the restaurants must be swarming with people in the season peak.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
The restaurant on the Makris Gialos beach

The interior of the restaurant and a café. There are changing rooms as well, showers and bathroom, so you have nothing to worry about.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Restaurant inside, Lassi

There are two or three smaller beaches at the end of this bigger one, some of which are pebble.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Platis Gialos-Minia beaches

On the other side of Lassi, towards Argostoli, there is this sandy beach of an unusual color. There are sunbeds, and there is some empty place too.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Lassi beach

A small restaurant as an inevitable accessorize.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Refreshment spot

Paliki peninsula

Crystal clear water.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Petani wave

Petani beach

It is at the very north part of the peninsula.

A view on the Petani bay.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Petani beach

Bird view.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Paliki peninsula, Petani beach

And this is what it looks like when you get to the sea level:

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Petani beach

Or, from the other side….

It’s not the tiniest sand, but this tiny pebbles cannot be felt under your legs. What is typical for most Kefalonia beaches is also for the Petani beach.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Other side of the Petani beach

A cute young couple picked Petani beach to take the unforgettable vacation photos.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Petani beach


If you’re already at Paliki peninsula, take this opportunity to visit a beach with an extraordinary name, Xi. It is on the south of the peninsula. It’s famous for the sand with healing properties.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Xi sand

What is interesting is that there are often some wellness congresses held here, and the sand from the Xi beach is used exactly for that.

You can’t really see the intensive brick color in my pictures since they were taken in more of an autumn weather, but basically that is what it looks like when it’s sunny and when it’s dry.

Kefalonia best beaches
Xi beach in September

Tourist usually visit this place to rub some sand.

Kefalonia best beaches
Xi beach

The best beaches for the


It was all about the central part of the island, and there are mostly shingle beaches there.

Ag. Paraskevi

I recommend swimming in two places. There is a small shingle beach on the way from Karavomilos and Ag.Efimia (it’s not difficult to walk on since the shingle is tiny), Ag. Paraskevi.

There is nothing you can lack here, there is everything in one place.

Left corner of the beach.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
A small beach, shingle, perfect for kids

Right corner of the beach.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Ag. Paraskevi beach

A real oasis with a pub above the beach.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Ag. Paraskevi sunbathing park above the beach

And a pub.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Pub with the amazing view

The same scene from a different angle.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Same beach different view
Kefalonia best beaches
Ag. Paraskevi beach


By the very city of Sami, 4-5 km away from Poros.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Antissamos beach

The best beaches for the


South of Kefalonia. The most beautiful beaches are there, so you need to set the entire day aside to enjoy them.

By the place called Lourdata, which is a half an hour car ride away from Lassi, there are more beaches, but I am going to mention two.


Everyone was praising it, but I didn’t really like it. I may not have liked it because the weather was bad for the previous two days, so the sea level was higher and the sand was muddy. All in all, it looked filled with seaweed and the water was obscure.

The next one, right near Trapezaki,


Another long beach.

Kefalonia best beaches
Lourdas beach

There are restaurants, shops, and cafés above the beach.

There are no pebbles in the water.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming

There is a beach only  15-minute ride away south:


Best beaches
Kaminia beach

There are some buckets and shovels left 🙂

Best beaches
Heaven for kids and parents as well

We reach Skala after a 15-minute ride from Kaminia beach.

Skala has an enormous beach where there’re sand and pebbles in turns. Water is crystal clear, like everywhere.

Best beaches

Everything (accomodation, rastaurants…) is set just near the shore in Skala.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Skala beach
Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Another side of Skala beach

As you get from Skala to Poros the shore is more or less with more pebbles than sand.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
A beach on the way, Skala-Poros


The final destination for the third day. Poros is a little town, and that is exactly what it’s beach is like, a real town beach and not far from the city center.

 best beaches and swimming
Poros, city beach

And the best beaches for the last day


We begin a fancy day with a fancy beach.


One of the best looking beaches in the entire world.

But what makes it so special and more beautiful than the other beaches in Kefalonia, if all the water is the same or at least similar everywhere?

It is that surreal blue color, which is so expressive simply due to the white pebbles which are in it. If there were only white pebbles all over the Kefalonia shore, there would be more Myrtos beaches.

It is not impossible to go for a swim in Myrtos beach, but it’s rare. It’s mostly just playing in the shallow water that is possible.

But why?

The shore is rather deep there, and it’s not long after you enter the water that you cannot stand up in it. There are also high waves there.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Myrtos, one of the prettiest Blue Flag beaches

Look how much fun they are having 🙂

Best Beaches

And here is another idea, this is something that will get your adrenaline kicking if it’s impossible to go for a swim in Myrtos beach.

Best beaches and swimming
Adrenaline rush

Look how crowded the parking is in September. Prepare yourselves for a long walk during the summer 🙂

Best beaches
Myrtos beach

Beaches near Fiskardo


All of the smaller beaches are most often shingle.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Foki, a beach nearby Fiskardo


Sailing is quite developed around Fiskardo. The destinations sailors use are Lefkada- Kefalonia- Ithaca, so you will often see some motor boats and sailing boats on these beaches.

Kefalonia best beaches and swimming
Eblissi beach

These are the rock boards mentioned at the beginning of the text (with natural sunbathing boards), you can see how you can relax on them.

Best beaches
Eblissi beach, rock boards

Now it’s your turn. If there is something I failed to mention, and you are really interested to know what it’s like in Kefalonia, be free to ask, and I would be glad to answer.

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