Chocolate mousse recipe that goes with champagne


I think that the greatest number of recipes in the world is chocolate mousse recipes. There is definitely nothing easier to make than that. Melt a bit of chocolate, add sweet cream, some fruit and whipped cream and that’s the end of story.

But I must admit that every time I made it quickly like that something was missing. It didn’t have any special taste. It simply wasn’t right.

10 minutes PREPARATION
60 minutes COOKING


  • 200 gr of chocolate with 70% of cocoa
  • 225 gr of sugar + 50 gr of sugar for the coulis
  • 180 gr of egg yolk (9 eggs)
  • 220 gr of whites (7 eggs)
  • 500 gr of sweet cream
  • 600 ml of water
  • 400 gr of raspberries


  1. Break the chocolate into smaller pieces and melt them in a heated bath at 45°C. Leave aside.
  2. Put water and sugar into a small pot and heat up to 118°C so that sugar melts entirely. Leave aside.
  3. Beat egg yolk in a bowl and gradually add 1/3 of cooked sugar and water mass.
  4. Gradually whisk egg whites into a stiff peak in another bowl (as if making meringue) and gradually add (multiple times) the rest of cooked sugar and water. You should get a firm peak of egg whites.
  5. Make whipped cream in the third bowl.
  6. Now, mix all the ingredients together by hand and gradually add the mixtures. First, add the beaten yolk mixture into the chocolate, then the whisked whites mixture and at the end, add whipped cream. Put everything into a piping bag and leave it in the fridge until serving.
  7. While chocolate mousse is cooling down, make raspberry coulis. Blend raspberries with 50 gr of sugar, then strain everything and pour into a jar. Leave in the fridge until serving.
  8. Squeeze the mousse into a glass you want to serve it in, add raspberry coulis, a bit of fresh berries and of course, mint leaves.

I searched for and tried out a bunch of recipes. In the end, I realised that chocolate mousse has to be a bit more complicated than what you see in our recipes.

Čokoladni mus / Chocolate mousse recipe

It doesn’t mean that now we have to make a mountain out of a molehill, but there is definitely no culinary quality in cooking quickly and sloppily. And we often do it like that justifying ourselves by the lack of time.  

I looked for inspiration at Jean-Paul Hevin.

You need a bit more time for this chocolate mousse than the quick one where you just melt chocolate in sweet cream. But you don’t need an entire day either.

I had guests and wanted to make something simple but very tasty.

This chocolate mousse took their breath away for sure 🙂

Chocolate mousse recipe

As I already told you, there were a lot of us, but knowing that they would ask for more, I made 15 serves.

Chocolate mousse recipe / Čokoladni mousse recept

You can make half of that, of course. But even if you don’t, you certainly will not throw it away 🙂

You need 200 gr of dark chocolate with 70% of cocoa, 225 gr of sugar, 180 gr of egg yolk (about 9 eggs) and 220 gr of egg whites (about 7 eggs) and of course, 500 gr of sweet cream. It’s better to measure eggs in grams in this case.

You need kitchen thermometer. It’s compulsory when you work with chocolate and stiff peaks the Italian way.

Melt chocolate

First you need to break the chocolate for this for chocolate mousse recipe and melt it in a heated bath with water warmed up to 45°C. The chocolate melting will go slower, but the texture will be better.

Chocolate mousse recipe / Čokoladni mousse recept

Melt sugar

Another important thing is to melt sugar. Put sugar into a small pot together with water and heat up to 118°C. Take it off the burner after that.

Dealing with eggs in chocolate mousse recipe

In separate bowls beat egg yolk and whites (firm peaks). Gradually add 1/3 of total melted sugar and water mass to beaten egg yolks. Add the rest to whisked egg whites. This process of mixing in melted sugar and water with egg whites is actually a meringue preparation (meringues, stiff peak) the Italian way.

Whipped cream

Mix whipped cream made out of 500 gr of cold sweet cream into the third bowl. It’s very important to leave the sweet cream in the fridge for at least half a day so that you get an ideal temperature for consistent whipped cream. If you mix sweet cream at room temperature, you won’t get whipped cream…it will fall apart in a couple of minutes.

Chocolate mousse recipe / Čokoladni mousse recept

How to mix in all the ingredients?

While the first part should be done with a mixer, this part should be done only by hand so that you get an airy mousse. Add beaten egg yolk with melted sugar to gradually melted (but cool) chocolate. Then add the meringue to this mixture (meringues or stiff peak the Italian way). At the end, fold the whipped cream with a spatula as well.

At the end, put everything into the piping bag and then put it in the fridge until serving.

The cherry on top was…

Raspberry coulis. There is nothing simpler. Put 300 gr of fresh raspberries and 50 gr of regular sugar in a blender and mix well. Strain everything, put in a small jar, and then in the fridge. You can leave it in the fridge for 4-5 days without using any kind of preservatives.


I think chocolate mousse looks the best in glasses with medium height stems. First, I squeezed chocolate mousse out of the piping bag, then poured the raspberry coulis over, decorated with berries I had at home and added mint leaves.

Chocolate mousse recipe / Čokoladni mousse recept

If you have another idea for serving, go for it 🙂

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