Fast and easy veal with vegetables and soy sauce

Fast and easy veal with vegetables and soy sauce

A month ago I came back from North America, and one of the things which I couldn’t help but notice is Crock pot (or slow cooker) existing in almost every house.

It helps a lot if you are in hurry, work a lot, have small kids or you are lazy to cook in that moment, as me this time.

If you didn’t buy yet this amazing pot which is doing all by its self … is time to change that ….go, go and have one …of these kitchens add.

You will see how much the cooking became simple.

My Crock Pot recipes

Sometimes it seems to me that you can find even more recipes for the crock pot than the regular and ordinary ones…Here are some of the mines that I already tasted.

Veal with vegetables and soy sauce

This time I have chosen light and tender veal.

Veal with vegetables

Cut veal into cubes. I always remove excess fat, everything else that does not look good in my eyes.

Veal with vegetables

Healthy Ms. Veal

Sprinkle some flour or corn starch from above.

Veal with vegetables

Floure and veal

And that as a child in the sand mix it everything and became dirty to the elbows like this:

Veal with vegetables

Mixing veal and flour

At the end you got this:

Veal and vegetables


In the other pot mix soy sauce, beef broth, brown sugar, sesame oil, and garlic.

Like this:

Veal and vegetables

Put everything in the Crock Pot

Veal with vegetables

All together

The last thing is to turn on Crock pot on low temperature and start cooking for 6h.

30 minutes before finishing, add a 2-3 tablespoons of sauce from Crock pot in separate a small bowl and mix it with corn starch, and then return it all back to the Crock pot to boil. It will help us in getting a better sauce structure.

After 15 minutes, add broccoli that you cut into small flowers. Broccoli should not be cooked for a long time, 15-20 minutes is enough to not lose its green color.

Veal with vegetables

All together with broccoli

I love spicy things very much and for me, this is not optional, but you can choose spicy or not.

Veal with vegetables

One of the options as a side dish is rice…white or wild doesn’t matter 🙂

But also you can choose between many smash potatoes, rice noodle or pasta.

After all, you can enjoy in each bite.



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