Pita sa spanaćem

Fast and easy spinach pie with phyllo dough

Fast and easy and the main clue is a combination of spices.

Step by step spinach pie with bacon?

I made it with phyllo dough.

So there are no worries about the dough. Just go to the supermarket and buy it.  I always choose the thinnest that I can find.

We as a family, love crunchy and crispy things. That’s why my pies are always like that, well done in the oven.

What I keep in mind, all the time,  is how I arrange the phyllo sheets in a baking pan, and of course the thickness of the pie itself. The thicker the pie, the lest crunchy inside it is. This pie was 3cm high.

The second step is to saute smoked bacon in a pan with a little olive oil. I added some garlic, not more than 1-2 cloves.

Spinach, Bacon pie

After bacon is done. Remove it and put baby spinach in the same pan. The spinach with larger leaves may do, but in that case, you need to make extra work to remove the hard parts (stems) of spinach. Spinach takes about 2 minutes to saute.

Burek sa spanaćem

Put 2 eggs in a separate bowl, mix them. Add 200ml of Greek yogurt, a little bit of olive oil, 1/2 lemon juice, some white pepper. Put back bacon and spinach in that mixture and combine well. Add some cumin and nutmeg in powder.

And then we are ready to assembly, but before we have a bonus part …

More good combinations with spinach

spinach + bacon + garlic + apple cider vinegar

bacon + nuts + spinach

spinach + chives + goat cheese + mascarpone

spinach + parmesan + fennel + balsamico + portobello mushrooms

Pita sa spanacem i slaninom

Assembly the spinach pie

Place a few phyllo sheets at the bottom of the baking pan so that a part of them comes out of the pan. With that part, you will cover the top of the pie on all sides.

Dip the rest of the phyllo sheets into the eggs and spinach mixture and layer them lightly in the baking pan. Do not press the phyllo to make it fit in the pan. Arrange the extra of the prepared mixture with eggs and spinach all around in the empty pockets of the puffy dough.

Pita od spanaća

Leave one part of phyllo dough sheets without mixture for the top of the pie. You will cover your pie with them. Also, use all the parts of phyllo dough sheets that came out of the pan to cover beautifully all the parts of your pie.

Coat the ends of phyllo dough with whipped egg and bake in the oven at 180 ° C for 30-40 minutes.

After that, the spinach pie is ready for tasting.

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Bon Appetit!!

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