Puslice u kremu od vanile i svežim smokvama

How to make meringue in vanilla cream with fresh figs

Figs as an inspiration

Meringue in vanilla cream with fresh figs is another great combination of new flavors.

There are endless recipe inspirations with fresh figs. So many flavor that can combine and turn out great.

There is some serious competition at Sneska’s. Both the younger and the older ones started cooking there. Soon there is going to be a deficit of figs on the market. Market sellers won’t know where they got so much attention because not everyone is familiar with our Snesko housewife and its game ‘God how many of us’, themed with figs.

Now, Savory trips has its own racing horse. Not just one, but the two of them 🙂

One of them is a savory variation, you remember the recipe we tried a couple of days ago, here.

And, as a second variation, I thought for a long time what would be something that would be different from everything you’ve already see, to be a simple recipe, but rich in flavor.

Meringue in vanilla cream with fresh figs

There were many ideas, such as fresh figs in puff pastry, fresh figs covered in blue cheese, fresh figs and brie cheese, savory or sweet tart with fresh figs, but it all seemed to me we have already tried. I am not saying we should forget about such great recipes, but we should add something new to them, something different.

Meringue in vanilla cream with fresh figs

How did I come up with the idea of combining meringue with fresh figs? Very simply, I needed a cup for figs, something where I could place them. What to make a cup of? There were various ideas… one of them even included bacon 🙂 but, I said to myself, it would be better if it’s something sweet and airy. That is how I remembered meringue, and a cup made of meringue mixture was an ideal solution since you can color it in any shade (I picked green).

Meringue in vanilla cream with fresh figs

How did we prepare meringue?

I made the meringue mixture by Jelena123 recipe, it’s only that I used 200g of sugar, since 280g makes it really sweet. It’s better to do so because we are going to prepare wine sauce as well, and there is some additional sugar there. You can do it as you like, it can be either 200 g or 280 g, it’s up to you.

The entire meringue recipe is:

4 egg white

200 g of sugar (it has to be added gradually)

A pinch of salt

In my case, some green food color, to make them livelier and cheerful

8-10 minutes of mixing (1 minute on low speed, and then to the fastest)

Cake and meringue forming spritz

My meringue was even more special because my daughter made them with a spritz 🙂 her mum loves her J They turned out a bit more rustic in shape, but real homemade ones 🙂

How did we make cups?

We shaped a desired size of the circle, i.e. the cup basis on the baking paper with a pen. Then, we first filled in the original circle with a spritz, spinning and squeezing the content from the spritz into the circle. After we had filled in the basis, we continued that spinning with the spritz just on the outer side, leaving a hole in the middle where we will later put wine sauce and vanilla cream. Thus formed meringues were dried in the oven for 2 hours at 120°C.

How did we use wine?

And now the wine we mentioned. We used wine to poach the figs, and later as a topping. Figs are poached for a very short time, no more than 30 seconds. The goal is not to make them lose their original texture. If you follow the recipe, when you taste the meringue in vanilla cream with fresh figs, wine sauce will start coming like an avalanche, when you grab your first bite (at least it did so in my case).

Vanilla cream

I didn’t use sweet cream to prepare the vanilla cream, I used whipped cream instead. It was from the bag and had the same taste as sweet cream.

I used vanilla pudding as well, but I cheated and bought the one that doesn’t need to be cooked 🙂  If you prepare the pudding that you need to cook, the pudding has to be cool enough at the moment when you combine it with the whipped cream.

You can simply prepare whipped cream and pudding following the instructions from the bag, but, again, I added no sugar.

The rest of the recipe has no additional comments.

How about the decoration?

Apart from the chopped walnuts

You can also dust it with chocolate powder:

Meringue in vanilla cream with fresh figs

Or even with chocolate topping:

Meringue in vanilla cream with fresh figs

What is the taste of it all? It cannot be explained, just like in the prestigious modern restaurants 🙂

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