Lincer kolačići / Linzer cookies recipe

Linzer cookies traditional Austrian cookies made using original recipe

You probably have made different cookies and cookies so far, some of them you liked more or less. But Linzer cookies really have a special taste and such a tradition.

The name of the cookies, Linzer cookies, is inspired by the name of the city of Linz, which is located in Austria. Except for Linzer cakes and Linzer cookies, this city is also well known for its PEZ candies … Yes, those very PEZ candies that you know …  from your childhood :). The city of Linz is their place of birth :).

Lincer kolačići / Linzer cookies recipe

If someone asked me where the original PEZ candies come from … I think that Linz wouldn’t be the first option to come to my mind.

Linzer cookies are made of Linzer cake which is made of flour, almonds, lemon zest, butter, egg yolk, and cinnamon. Of course, the unavoidable part of Linzer cake is black currant jam, which was later replaced by raspberry jam because it was much easier to find.

So the Linzer cookies, with only a slight alteration, are made as a sandwich with thick dough instead of using cake layers as a cake.  In the middle of the Linzer cookie is also Mr. Jam. This hole on the top of the Linzer cookies is known as Linzer eye.

Now, it’s my turn to tell you how I prepare them …

Lincer kolačići / Linzer cookies recipe

They are amazing … melting in your mouth … it reminds me of vanilla cookies … but it’s definitely not the same, not even the taste.

How to make Linzer cookies?

See the video below. Click on the Tab – HOW !

I used flour, butter, eggs, jam, vanilla, almonds, baking powder, salt, cardamom and strawberry jam … That was the only jam that I had at that moment … You can add any jam that you have or prefer if you do not have blackcurrant or raspberry.

The only difference between the original recipe and cookies that I prepared is that I did not use the lemon zest, but I did add ground cardamom.

The first bowl

I mixed all the dry ingredients.

The second bowl

I whisked butter that was at room temperature, and sugar until it turned light and creamy. Then I added eggs, vanilla extract and ground almonds.

Mixed both bowls

Then I gradually combine the dry ingredients and the moist ingredients with constant whisking them to get the smooth texture and texture of the dough. I also used my hands (see video).

Wrap the dough in the plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2h.

After two hours, I sprinkled some flour on the work surface where I stretched the dough and made round cookies with mold.

Lincer kolačići / Linzer cookies recipe

You can do it even without molds if you do not have them … take a small glass…but the modules are not very expensive … you need two round ones … different diameters (one being a very small diameter) … Then cut down the lower part as a full circle. The upper part should also be a full circle, but…then pierce it with a small diameter mold so that your jam can be seen when you close the Linzer cookie as a sandwich.

Then put all this in the oven at 180 ° C for one 20-30 minutes, depending on your oven. Check after the 15th minute because they do not really have to be well done 🙂 🙂

Lincer kolačići / Linzer cookies recipe


When they were baked, I left them on the wire to cool, and then I started filing them. On the lower surface, I put a little bit of jam, and cover with the upper part with a hole.

At the end or before you put the jam, spray the Linzer cookies with powder sugar … Or just roll them into the powder sugar … choose what’s easier for you …

Lincer kolačići / Linzer cookies recipe

They are perfect for a cup of tea with friends 🙂

Often they are made as part of some festive dining … as Christmas cookies 🙂

Lincer kolačići / Linzer cookies recipe

Linzer cookies traditional Austrian cookies made using original recipe
Linzer cookies traditional Austrian cookies made using original recipe



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