What for dinner? fine dining dinner ideas

6 Little Changes Will Make a Big Difference For Dinner

For or against fine dining

Before this dilemma, there is that question how to create fine dining dinner ideas? But we’ll solve that along the way as well 🙂

Once upon a time, fine dining was a bugbear with gigantic mouth for me, too, giving me big plates and tiny portions –  all for my hungry eyes and lots of money, of course.

However, for the past year, I was able to learn, work and enjoy the flavours of top French fine dining restaurants with one, two or three Michelin stars.

I scared away the bugbear in the end and started to present and experience my food in a completely different way.

What I would now like to teach you as well is that with a little bit of imagination and goodwill, you can easily make home fine dining for yourself …

And here’s how…

Fine dining dinner ideas?

For the first recipe, we will start with the ingredients that are affordable for everyone: potatoes, beetroot, nettle, basil, beef steak (or some other piece of meat), olive oil…..Besides all that, I will teach you some catches as well 🙂

How to bake a beef steak fine dining?

It really is a challenge to get a crust on the outside, and softness and juiciness on the inside of the steak.

For a four-member family, you need approximately 250 gr of meat each, with additional side dishes. So, in this case, you need a 1 kg beef steak.

If you find beef steak for dinner too strong, you can substitute it for some other type of meat.

Now lets get back to the topic…

Since beef steak is not equally thick, or at least your piece is like that, then the best thing to do is to use twine.

But, before you start tying the steak with a kitchen twine to make it equally thick, you should dry it with a paper towel. Then, salt it well and leave it be for 1h at room temperature so that the salt can sink deep into the meat.

I suggest two options on how to bake a beef steak (larger pieces of meat)

  1. first, the beefsteak goes into the oven, and then into a pan
  2. or the beef steak should first get a crust in the pan, and then the inside should be cooked a little bit in the oven

My chosen option this time was the first one.

Heat up the oven at 150°C.

We have already salted the steak, but before putting it in the oven, we can optionally coat its surface with butter.

We bake it in the oven until the inside of the meat reaches the temperature of 45-50°C for rare to medium rare (this is fine dining recipe- the number 1 option in the world – everything else is considered overdone for a beef steak). The temperature of meat can be measured with a kitchen meat thermometer. This temperature is reached after about 30-45 minutes of baking (this depends on the oven, and you shouldn’t rely that much on time, but rather on temperature).

During baking, you should turn the beef steak over at least once so that both sides are equally done.

And now the pan…

Heat up the pan so that it is really hot, almost foaming, bake the beef steak on all sides for 4-6 minutes in total (based on the experience with your stove).

Take the meat out of the pan, coat with two spoons of butter and leave it be for 10 – 15 minutes.

fine dining dinner ideas

What if I have a smaller piece of meat? Can it be still fine dining?

Of course, this is the best fine dining dinner ideas 🙂

Fry it only in the pan on both sides for 2-3 minutes at high temperature. Then, leave it aside for 5 minutes to rest before serving and cutting.

Meat cutting

Cut the meat only after rested, in slices 7 mm thick and serve.

How to make a crispy tile (tuile-french word)?

You can make it out of flour, olive oil, clear beef soup (you can use soup cube if you don’t have other ones), beetroot juice (this is optional, you can substitute it with some other flavour) and salt.

Mix all these ingredients with a hand blender and pour into a mould (or no mould) in a teflon pan, and bake at low to medium temperature.

With a mould

Fine dining dinner ideas

Without a mould

This is what it should look like once it’s done which you will figure out when it stops sizzling in the pan, that is, when all the water evaporates.

Keep in mind that for lunch or dinner your dish should have some kind of a crispy touch.

How to make a beetroot reduction?

You can substitute the beetroot juice with any other type of juice: carrot, apple, pear…this is also one of good fine dining ideas 🙂

The point is to squeeze the fruit or vegetables in the juicer or just buy an adequate juice.

When you get the juice (1l), pour it into a pot and warm it up, that is, cook until you get a certain texture and density. The longer you cook it, the more the water will evaporate, and the content will be denser and stickier.

You can add a bit of balsamic vinegar (5ml).

I needed a thicker alternative for this recipe so I reduced it for quite a while.

How did my mashed potatoes turn black?

It’s very simple…and something that’s often prepared in France in its thicker or thinner alternative. Looks amazing but very cheap fine dining dinner ideas 🙂

Cook potatoes in water, add butter, salt, cooking cream and squid ink (I bought it in Maxi). You can make it either thick as mashed potatoes or a bit thinner, like a sauce. You can achieve this by adding more cooking cream.

I put potatoes in a pastry bag with a rustic tip.

Now we’re done with potatoes, too 🙂

What is this small green thing hanging around on my plate?

It’s a basil, nettle, salt, pepper, olive oil pesto with a bit of parmesan cheese. The texture should be smooth and uniform, that is, the herbs must be ground up very well.

The final touch on the plate is…

Gravy, and you can find the recipe here…Sorry my French…this is very very best for fine dining dinner ideas.

Does my cuisine have its alternatives?

Of course, there are always alternatives…As we already said for the beef steak, you can substitute it for chicken or some other type of meat. The mashed potatoes can be left uncoloured or you can give them some other colour. For example, if you have dried beetroot (you can buy it in the supermarket), make a powder out of it and mix it with mashed potatoes…You can also use some other dried vegetables instead of beetroot, or even algae.

Fine dining dinner ideas

You can use basil to make green pesto…or chard, it doesn’t matter…

What I made the very next day out of the groceries I had left was this: potatoes with chard and dried vegetables (beetroot, parnsnip and carrot), beef steak and a crispy beetroot plate.

Everything’s the same, but different 🙂

We figured out what to make for dinner, all that’s left is what to do with the quantities. Of course, it’s up to you to decide how much you will prepare. I suggest a smaller portion for the main course, so that you can enjoy an appetizer, soup or a dessert 🙂



fine dining dinner ideas
Fine dining dinner ideas


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