Coffee and Panettone

Coffee and Panettone


It’s not Christmas yet, but why not? We are trying to make every day feel like Christmas, or New Year J

A Christmas cake which can be prepared on any occasion.

Panettone, or a sweet bannock, comes from Lombardy, or more precisely, from Milan. If you didn’t know, it is one of the symbols of Milan. However, Montenegro is also one of the countries in which this bannock is prepared for the holidays. It is rich in candied lemon and orange, as well as lemon peel and raisins. It is not forbidden to prepare it with other candied fruit of your own choice, as I did here in this recipe.


Panettone is not very popular here, but I think it’s just because our housewives are afraid to deal with all this kneading. It is quite demanding, but in the end, you get a really tasty cake which can last for a longer period.

Certainly, in case you decide not to prepare it, it can be bought in almost any market nowadays. It is not as good as the homemade one, but it is surely worth tasting it. You may afterwards change your mind and prepare it yourself.

Panettone has its characteristic shape, cupola shape, and you should use a special mold for it. Of course, the shape isn’t of crucial importance, it is the flavor that matters. Rustic has been in fashion for generations. You can prepare it in the muffin molds as well. You will get sweet little bites, to which no one will be able to resist.

Although it is not the simplest cake to prepare, I make sure it is on our dining table at least a couple of times a year, mostly as an addition to tea or morning coffee. A soft and flexible cake which will melt in your mouth. It’s great to hang out with loved ones with a piece of this sweet bannock.

It is great as an addition to other dishes, such as strawberry risotto.



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