Beef in orange sauce

Beef in orange sauce with crock pot

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Beef in orange sauce is a recipe that consists of only 4 steps. It has a very interesting flavor. It resembles Asian cuisine, i.e. Chinese cuisine, because of the orange sauce

First of all, beef sauce can be made in two ways. It can be made just by squeezing fresh oranges, or with the juice box from the market. It is always better to use fresh juice than any other boxed juice, because there’s higher level of sweeteners added to them.

In order to make the Asian flavor more distinctive, I added orange and ginger marmelade. Ginger gives a special taste to the sauce. Instead of marmalade, you can also mix the already made orange juice with grated ginger, or mashed ginger.

You can simply prepare barbecue sauce, and you can see the recipe here

Steps of preparation of the beef in orange sauce

Prepare all of the ingredients.

Beef in orange sauce

Combine all the ingredients, except meat.

Beef in orange sauce

Put everything in the crock pot, and you can head to the hairdresser.

Beef in orange sauce

Serve it as you like when you get back.

Beef in orange sauce

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