Dalmatian food that can make you better lovers

Dalmatian food that can make you better lovers

Dalmatian food as an aphrodisiac

We arrived, settled, made our tour plan for our entire stay in Split… the only thing left to decide was what to eat in Split to make our pleasure complete.

If you already have friends from Dalmatia, as we do, for example, then, there is no problem for you, but there are some sleepless nights 🙂 .  They will know how to enchant you with their sea flavors… even the restricted ones, which taste best.

Dalmatian food

Streets in Split

Dalmatian food

Split’s narrow streets

However, if you don’t have these friends, then start looking for them, because it’s not the same without them 🙂 .

We don’t need a better aphrodisiac than great Dalmatian friends, seafood and a glass or two of homemade wine…. This is all we need, as an appetizer, the main dish, and a dessert…

20+ unbelievable food photos

This is a list of dishes you can’t afford to miss while in Split, it doesn’t matter whether it’s your Dalmatian friends preparing them, or you are eating them in some of the recommended restaurants.

Cuttlefish risotto

My recommendation of to try it with cuttlefish, but it is prepared with squid as well. Dust it with some grated parmesan which will give a nice contrast and creamier flavor to the dish.

Dalmatian food

Cuttlefish risotto


Next is an inevitable salsa made with fresh tomatoes which are cooked for almost half a day. It can be used with everything. We ate it with pasta and clams and it turned out to be a great combination.

Dalmatian food

Fresh tomato salsa

Dalmatian food

Red salsa

Have you heard of mussels?

In case you haven’t tried mussels yet, then this is a unique opportunity. They are opened when you take out a cork which is released during cooking… once you’ve taken the cork out, the rest is history 🙂 .

Dalmatian Food


Octopus under pot

Octopus with potato, or octopus under pot (peka)… something similar to preparing food under metal lid. It takes long for meal to prepare under pot, so some restaurants ask for the order to be made about 2 hours earlier unless it is a part of their daily menu. This time, we didn’t eat peka, but certainly, it was great.

Dalmatian food

Octopus with potato

Clams, mussels, oysters… and even…

There are different kinds of clams, they are prepared on ’buzara’, white or red one (made with tomatoes), then as minestra (pasta).

Dalmatian food


Forbidden fruit tastes the best… date mussels are forbidden to fish, because of the manner in which they are collected (it is harmful to the sea bottom). They are forbidden in Croatia and Serbia, although they can be found. But, they aren’t forbidden in Bosnia 🙂

Dalmatian food

Forbidden fruit tastes best

Grill (gradele)

Grilled fish, fresh, from the sea, that can never fail. The options are numerous, from salmon to seabass, gilt-head beam, to angler.

You need just some oil and lemon, other spices aren’t necessary.

We ate everything made on the grill in Redimare   restaurant which I recommend, in case you don’t have a Dalmatian with grill on your hand 🙂

Dalmatian food

Grilled fish

Shrimp and squid

If you are lucky enough to be in Split during the open season on squid (autumn) you are never going to buy the supermarket version again.

Dalmatian food

Shrimp and squid

Dalmatian food

Squidward has gone into oblivion


You can have a glorious dessert in the very same restaurant… we tried some of everything 🙂

Dalmatian food

Cakes and cookies

Another cremeschnitte in the foreground 🙂

Dalmatian food

Semi freddo

dalmatian food

Walnut cake

How about meat?

Dalmatians don’t eat only fish and cuttlefish risotto. Their most famous dish apart from seafood is Dalmatian pasticada, we prepared it here.

What to eat in Dalmatia, trip to Split


Ribs are worth mentioning, as well as a steak which is as good as the Serbian one J

And now…

It can’t be the same…

But the ones who don’t know any Dalmatians can find a restaurant.

If you are going to the restaurant, go to taverns.

Taverns are usually family businesses, i.e. restaurants, and the food tastes great. The combinations of seafood and meats…

  1. Joze’s – there’s no webiste, but there is an address: Sredmanushka 4 . It is five minutes away from the old town.
  2. Konoba Varoš
  3. Lučac
  4. Konoba Marjan


Dalmatian food

  1. Paradigma with a balcony on the rooftop, from which there is an incredible view on the Riviera.
  2. Poseidon Restaurant – try some Rozada, a dessert similar to cream caramel.
Dalmatian food


After you have tried out all of these recommendations, along with a company such as this one, your plates are going to look like the ones in the picture… completely clean 🙂

I would like to mention that the plate with some leftovers in it is mine… I just couldn’t fit it all 🙂

Dalmatian food

Our friends from Split and empty plates

We ate and drunk until the daylight… and only then did we go to bed

Dalmatian food

Sunrise in Split

After a sleepless night, you are going to wonder…

Where to for breakfast?

There are bakeries all over the old town, so the choice is wide…

Dalmatian food

Bakery in the old town

Dalmatian food

Wide choice, both for gourmets and the vegetarians

Dalmatian food

Something for everyone

My favorite breakfast spot is in the main Piazza in Split (Bepa).

Dalmatian food

Piazza Split

We ate a lot: toasted rye bread with some avocado seasoned with lemon spread over it, and two poached eggs on top of it all… yummy… eaten with pleasure… plus the strawberry juice…

Dalmatian food

Avocado sandwich with poached egg

Dalmatian food

Strawberry and coffee

Strawberry juice with some espresso after the meal

And then, some…

Dalmatian food

Barrels are ready for candy lovers

Well, this is enough, my mouth is watering now…

What do you like from the Dalmatian cuisine?


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