Spaghetti carbonara recipe

Unique spaghetti carbonara bistro way

0 of 5 10 Minutes

Spaghetti carbonara is an Italian classic which is still irresistible to many of us. I made it in a modern way. Actually, this is a slightly modified version. You will...

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Cheesecake recept sa borovnicama / Easy cheesecake recipe with blueberry

Easy Cheesecake recipe with blueberry and chia seeds

0 of 5 30 Minutes

I wanted to write this cheesecake recipe with blueberries and quinoa  as soon as possible because it’s fantastic. You should make use of the fresh blueberries season. But I think...

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Najbolji recept za panakota u želeu od jagoda / The best recipe for Pannacotta with strawberry jelly

A delicious pannacotta with strawberry jelly

0 of 5 10 Minutes

Pannacotta is the right recipe for those who rarely step into the kitchen. And also for those who have a sweet tooth, and want to eat something quickly…me for example...

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Pasta sa pesto sosom / Pasta with pesto sauce

How to serve pasta with pesto sauce in traditional way?

0 of 5 15 Minutes

We already altogether passed through the preparation of the original pesto sauce recipe.  Now it is time to use that pesto sauce in the right and traditional way. This is...

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Domaći pesto sos / Homemade pesto sauce

How to prepare homemade pesto sauce?

4.5 of 5

Two weeks ago I was hanging around the fresh market looking for basil. But, nothing…no basil at all. They told me that was too early for basil it was very...

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Starinski božićni medenjaci recept (gingerbread) / Recipe for Old fashioned gingerbread

How to make traditional Christmas gingerbread?

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There are some leftover recipes. I prepared these a long time ago, but never published them. Christmas gingerbread recipe is one of those from the archive, ‘unpublished, but not forgotten’....

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Ćufte u paradajz čorbi sa pastom / Meatballs tomato soup with pasta

Meatballs tomato soup is tasty and the best and easiest method to prepare

0 of 5 35 Minutes

Meatballs and the tomato soup are two dishes that are often prepared in our home. This venture of mine was how to combine these two dishes into one and not...

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Jela od pečenih paprika / Recipes with Roasted pepper

Top 5 best traditional roasted pepper recipes

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Thus, the roasted pepper recipes and dishes are the most popular dishes in the Balkans. The traditional pepper baking for winter preserves is already over, so if you didn’t bake...

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kolac od breskve /peaches in muscat wine recipe

Peaches muscat wine recipe easy and quick preparation

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Muscat or drunk peaches This is how I like to name this peach cake depending on the situation :). I really do not remember doing something faster recently and eating something as...

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Torta od jagoda

Unbelievably creamy strawberry cake made of leftovers

3.9 of 5

If you put this creamy and unbelievably tasty strawberry cake in the fridge it can also pose as ice cream. I mixed it out of: ricotta cheese (the substitute can...

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Pesto sos od pečenih paprika

Homemade roasted red bell pepper pesto sauce

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Pesto sauce This is a kind of dish which originally comes from Genova, and some call it Pesto Genovese (Pesto alla Genovese). Pesto sauce is made with garlic, European pine...

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Italijanska kobasica i pečena paprika

Italian sausage recipe with roasted pepper and kymak

5 of 5 30 Minutes

For this Italian sausage recipe, I used “leftovers” from my fridge. All because of savings. Did you perhaps forget how to save 🙂 ? Here’s a reminder. Leftovers Leftovers from...

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