Starinski božićni medenjaci recept (gingerbread) / Recipe for Old fashioned gingerbread

How to make traditional Christmas gingerbread?

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There are some leftover recipes. I prepared these a long time ago, but never published them. Christmas gingerbread recipe is one of those from the archive, ‘unpublished, but not forgotten’....

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Recept za francuske Galete sa bundevom / Pumpkin Galettes Recipe

7 things you should remember when making French pumpkin galettes

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You have probably been hundred times in a situation like me, where you had an ingredient but did not know how to use it. Or you have already tried all...

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Beef Bourguignon Goveđi gulaš

Easy slow cooked Beef Bourguignon – the best recipe ever

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Juli & Julia Have you ever watched Julie and Julia? Do you remember the scenes when Julie is making Beef Bourguignon? I have watched that film at least ten times....

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Creamy tarragon pork

How to prepare the best creamy tarragon pork?

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Creamy, buttery and French. Something old yet prepared in a new way. This is one of those dishes for which you don’t need much, and you usually already have it...

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Parsnip gratin

Delicious parsnip gratin in French way

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Parsnip in a new way The truth is that I used parsnip only for making soups and broth. Even then, after I would finish cooking, parsnip would go out. I...

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How to make French onion soup?

How to make French onion soup?

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French onion soup According to a legend, French king Luis 15th made the first French onion soup. It was made of ingredients which could always be found in his cellar:...

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Tartiflette- baked potato

How to make French baked potato Tartiflette?

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Made to warm you up Tartiflette, potato baked in the oven, is an original French dish, but it’s a dead heat who prepares it more, the Swiss or the French....

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How to make the perfect Ratatouille?

How to make the perfect Ratatouille?

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Ratatouille stewed vegetables Another worldwide known French dish. It answers to the name ‘stewed vegetables’. Ratatouille comes from Provence, or Nice more precisely, so it is often called “Ratatouille niçoise”...

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Chicken in wine

Conquering famous Coq du Vin

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Traditional French dish Two most famous French dishes are boef bourgignon and coq du vin, which means ‘chicken in wine’, and is otherwise classified as some sort of stew. Basically,...

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