Recept za Taljatele St. Jacques u American sosu

Sanja’s tagliatelle with scallops in American sauce

0 of 5 60 Minutes

Everything is a bit odd here… It’s also an odd name of the recipe, right? Especially when you know my name is not Sanja 🙂 Who is behind Sanja’s tagliatelle...

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Spaghetti carbonara recipe

Unique spaghetti carbonara bistro way

0 of 5 10 Minutes

Spaghetti carbonara is an Italian classic which is still irresistible to many of us. I made it in a modern way. Actually, this is a slightly modified version. You will...

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Pasta sa pesto sosom / Pasta with pesto sauce

How to serve pasta with pesto sauce in traditional way?

0 of 5 15 Minutes

We already altogether passed through the preparation of the original pesto sauce recipe.  Now it is time to use that pesto sauce in the right and traditional way. This is...

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Ćufte u paradajz čorbi sa pastom / Meatballs tomato soup with pasta

Meatballs tomato soup is tasty and the best and easiest method to prepare

0 of 5 35 Minutes

Meatballs and the tomato soup are two dishes that are often prepared in our home. This venture of mine was how to combine these two dishes into one and not...

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Beef Stew

Easy Crock Pot meal beef stew in three steps

0 of 5 235 Minutes 4

Meat + Crock Pot = Lunch Math is clear. Beef stew is one of the ordinary meals I prepare when I don’t have any new ideas, or enough time to cook...

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