Main Course

Začinjeni pirinač sa mesom

James’s rice with minced meat and gravy sauce

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Maybe this is the right time to introduce you to some people who marked my culinary travels. I got the idea for this recipe from a person like this. Someone...

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Pita sa spanaćem

Fast and easy spinach pie with phyllo dough

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Fast and easy and the main clue is a combination of spices. Step by step spinach pie with bacon? I made it with phyllo dough. So there are no worries...

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Palačinke sa voćnom fermentisanom vodom _ Pancakes with fermented juice

Pancakes made of fermented juice

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Pancakes with fermented juice These pancakes made of fermented juice are actually American pancakes but with a French touch. I picked up the idea and know-how from one of the...

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Tartlets with chicken and coconut milk

Chicken tartlets with coconut milk how it is made?

0 of 5 20 Minutes

Tartlet is actually a smaller tart, which is most often filled with sweet stuffing. We will upgrade it here and fill it with salty stuffing. Depending on how it’s served,...

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Vegetable pottage with chicken how it is made

Vegetable pottage with chicken how it is made

0 of 5 35 Minutes

I don’t know about you, but I hate cooking just for myself. That’s why I turn to alternatives, which leads to me gaining weight and being unhappy…and so on. Then,...

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Fish terrine with vegetables

Fish terrine and rice mousse with aromatic herbs

0 of 5 60 Minutes

Fish terrine as an inspiration This is one of those recipes that tells you how to easily implement Michelin secrets into your home and everyday cooking. Fish was the inspiration for...

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Tajine with lamb and vegetables / Jagnjetina sa povrćem

Moroccan tajine lamb with vegetables

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What exactly is Tajine? Tajine is actually a pot, but of an unusual shape. It’s like a cone and it has a clay base. It is a pot used for...

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Riža sa ribom / Poke bowl recipe

Poke Bowl a perfect meal for summer days

0 of 5 15 Minutes

Poke Bowl is a modern dish with rice and they originate from Japan. Today, they are popular in the rest of the world as well. Poke actually means “cutting, slicing”...

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What for dinner? fine dining dinner ideas

6 Little Changes Will Make a Big Difference For Dinner

2.5 of 5 60 Minutes

For or against fine dining Before this dilemma, there is that question how to create fine dining dinner ideas? But we’ll solve that along the way as well 🙂 Once upon...

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Kako napraviti sos gravy / How to make gravy

How to make a gravy – a thick meat and bone sauce?

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What is a gravy? Gravy is a thick, sticky sauce made out of meat, bones and vegetables in a longer cooking process but without adding flour. The final gelatinous mass...

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French meat pie / Francuska pita sa mesom / quail Pithiviers recipe

How to make French traditional pie, Quail Pithiviers recipe

0 of 5 60 Minutes 1

If I had to choose a recipe that would represent my stay in France it would definitively be the quail Pithiviers recipe. Pithiviers Pithiviers means around French pie most often...

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Domaća pita sa sirom / Homemade cheese pie with onion

How to make homemade cheese pie with onion and a modern twist?

0 of 5 40 Minutes

Homemade cheese pie with onion is made by my love for different flavours and baking styles. Under the impression of my trip to France on one hand and the love...

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