Main Course

Orada recept pečena u tiganju sa salsom od nara/Sea bream recipe fried in pen with pomegranate salsa

Sea bream recipe fried in pen with pomegranate salsa

0 of 5 10 Minutes

Sea bream recipe… yum, such a delightful and simple recipe for everyone who likes fish. You can prepare both fish and salsa in only 20 minutes. I did not feel...

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Recept za kuvani kupus sa mesom / sauteed cabbage and turkey recipe

Sauteed cabbage and turkey delicious recipe for spring diet

0 of 5 45 Minutes

Sauteed cabbage and turkey is yet another one of my go to recipes when I start with the spring cleaning, getting rid of any extras around my hips, thighs and...

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Recept za tortilje sa piletinom i mladim kupusom / Recipe chicken tortillas and baby cabbage

How to make homemade chicken tortillas with baby cabbage

0 of 5 10 Minutes

This is what it usually looks like in my case when I am on a diet, or change my diet for spring. Chicken tortillas 🙂 Mexican cuisine and tortillas are...

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Lazanje od pečenih paprika / lasagna with roasted red peppers

Really homemade lasagna with roasted red peppers and raclette cheese

0 of 5

The say “already spring”. Immediately I put my nose in the freezer to check if it is already spring there as well. I was very surprised by what I saw....

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Pasta sa pesto sosom / Pasta with pesto sauce

How to serve pasta with pesto sauce in traditional way?

0 of 5 15 Minutes

We already altogether passed through the preparation of the original pesto sauce recipe.  Now it is time to use that pesto sauce in the right and traditional way. This is...

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Pumpkin Burgers (Veggie) /Hamburgeri od bundeve

Home made pumpkin burgers in 2 ways and 3 ways of serving

0 of 5 20 Minutes

Is there a person who doesn’t like a burger? With all the spices and greens…and if you it spice up a little bit with some chili flakes…mmmmm…yummy. I would eat...

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Pita od bundeve i gorgonzola sira - recept / Recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Pie with Gorgonzola cheese

The best roasted pumpkin pie recipe with Gorgonzola cheese

0 of 5 90 Minutes

I always have time and space in my stomach for a pie. This pumpkin pie is for all crunchy crust pie lovers, the ones that break into tiniest pieces every...

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Posne punjene paprike pasuljem i kukuruzom / Stuffed bell pepper recipe on Mexican way

Vegetarian stuffed peppers and how to make them like never before

0 of 5 80 Minutes

Challenge In the name of vegetarian stuffed peppers 🙂 When fasting is concerned I always have a dilemma – what and how? With all the restrictions I have to deal...

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Ćufte u paradajz čorbi sa pastom / Meatballs tomato soup with pasta

Meatballs tomato soup is tasty and the best and easiest method to prepare

0 of 5 35 Minutes

Meatballs and the tomato soup are two dishes that are often prepared in our home. This venture of mine was how to combine these two dishes into one and not...

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Hleb sa bademima i suvim voćem / Homemade banana bread

The best homemade the healthiest banana bread?

0 of 5 60 Minutes

To make banana bread with almonds and dry fruit that tastes this good, I must have apple puree. And the recipe for the simplest homemade apple puree you can get...

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Beef Bourguignon Goveđi gulaš

Easy slow cooked Beef Bourguignon – the best recipe ever

0 of 5 600 Minutes

Juli & Julia Have you ever watched Julie and Julia? Do you remember the scenes when Julie is making Beef Bourguignon? I have watched that film at least ten times....

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Recipe stuffed tomato stuffed pepper

Traditional Greek recipe for stuffed tomato and stuffed pepper

0 of 5 120 Minutes 2 days meal

The entire Balkan has the same type of recipe for stuffed tomato and stuffed pepper with or without meat … The base is the same … you need peppers and...

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