Mafini od banane / Healthy muffins

How to prepare healthy muffins with ripe bananas?

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Muffins can also be healthy… and here is how… We used some pretty ripe apples the other day, and now we need to use up other fruit. I often buy...

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Posni sitni kolači od bundeve i čokolade / Low fat pumpkin recipes

How to make low-fat pumpkin cakes?

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Low-fat pumpkin recipes Having some baked pumpkin leftovers from previous recipes, I was thinking of how to make good use of them for some other bite. As a fan of...

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Starinski božićni medenjaci recept (gingerbread) / Recipe for Old fashioned gingerbread

How to make traditional Christmas gingerbread?

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There are some leftover recipes. I prepared these a long time ago, but never published them. Christmas gingerbread recipe is one of those from the archive, ‘unpublished, but not forgotten’....

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Recept za francuske Galete sa bundevom / Pumpkin Galettes Recipe

7 things you should remember when making French pumpkin galettes

0 of 5 60 Minutes

You have probably been hundred times in a situation like me, where you had an ingredient but did not know how to use it. Or you have already tried all...

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Lincer kolačići / Linzer cookies recipe

Linzer cookies traditional Austrian cookies made using original recipe

0 of 5 30 Minutes 30 lincer kolačića

You probably have made different cookies and cookies so far, some of them you liked more or less. But Linzer cookies really have a special taste and such a tradition. The name of...

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Sirovi kolači sa urmama / Raw date truffles

Modern and very delicious raw date truffles recipe

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Raw cakes were also popular back when my grandma used to make them. After that time, they sort of disappeared. And then they were back in fashion, just more improved...

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Pire od jabuka / apple puree

How to make homemade apple puree?

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The inspiration and the recipe for the apple puree as well as another recipe that is soon to come, I found on the blog called Na tanjiru. The thing is...

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Domaći salašnjaci recept/homemade lard puff pastry wraps

How to prepare salasnjaci (homemade lard puff pastry wraps with jam) by my mom’s recipe

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Homemade lard puff pastry wraps with jam or ‘salasnjaci’ (Serbian dessert) are NUMBER 1 traditional cookies made in Serbia. I think there are no better or tastier old fashioned cookies...

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kolac od breskve /peaches in muscat wine recipe

Peaches muscat wine recipe easy and quick preparation

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Muscat or drunk peaches This is how I like to name this peach cake depending on the situation :). I really do not remember doing something faster recently and eating something as...

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Torta od jagoda

Unbelievably creamy strawberry cake made of leftovers

3.9 of 5

If you put this creamy and unbelievably tasty strawberry cake in the fridge it can also pose as ice cream. I mixed it out of: ricotta cheese (the substitute can...

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Chocolate cake and cookies

Chocolate cake with raspberries and pistachios

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Inspired by your praise after that birthday cake for my soul, I was thinking and trying to come up with a cake that my closest ones would love. If you...

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vocna torta, krempita, pavlova

How to make Pavlova Cremeschnitte fruit cake ?

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Everything is accidentally This is one of those posts and recipes which happens by accident. Today is my special day, my birthday. It’s not special just because it’s my birthday...

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