Chestnut tart with pear coilis

Tartelettes or chestnut tart and pear coulis

0 of 5 20 Minutes 2 tarts fi 20 cm

Chestnut tart is an irresistible autumn pastry that you need during rainy days. It’s quick and easy to make. If making the crust for tart or tartlettes is the most...

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Almond and honey cake

Magical almond and honey cubes

0 of 5 55 Minutes

I don’t know what to say to you as an introduction to this magical almond and honey cake. It’s simply out of this world. It goes great with coffee, or...

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Rice pudding

Tropic and creamy rice pudding with mango a la francaise

0 of 5 30 Minutes

Flavours and more Most times in my life, I ate homemade rice pudding made by my grandmother. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been with us for a long time now. With her...

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Poppy seed rolls

Quick and easy poppy seed roll

0 of 5 20 Minutes 10

Poppy seed roll my choice for today 🙂 Even though I really like poppy, and poppy seed strudel even more, I really don’t like making the crust. It’s always time...

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Clafoutis sa kajsijama / Clafoutis with apricots

Clafoutis with apricots and semolina

0 of 5 50 Minutes

How was clafoutis with apricots first made? As someone who used quality and original homemade ingredients many times, I personally think that there is no substitute for homemade puff pastry....

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Palačinke sa voćnom fermentisanom vodom _ Pancakes with fermented juice

Pancakes made of fermented juice

0 of 5

Pancakes with fermented juice These pancakes made of fermented juice are actually American pancakes but with a French touch. I picked up the idea and know-how from one of the...

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Carrot cake no sugar

Easy carrot cake without added sugar

0 of 5 30 Minutes

Carrot cake is a cake that can also be used for breakfast, snack or dessert. This one is very simple to make. All the ingredients should be whisked into a...

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Mille Foille Fruit Cheesecake

French fruit mille feuille cheesecake

4.8 of 5 60 Minutes

You must agree with me that fruit cheesecake is a treat often made during spring and summer. But, fruit mille feuille cheesecake of a thousand sheets  (or a million or...

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Čokoladni mus /Chocolate mousse recipe

Chocolate mousse recipe that goes with champagne

0 of 5 60 Minutes

I think that the greatest number of recipes in the world is chocolate mousse recipes. There is definitely nothing easier to make than that. Melt a bit of chocolate, add...

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Cheesecake kocke / Chocolate Cheesecake

Cheesecake a creative idea for the simplest recipe

0 of 5 55 Minutes

This cheesecake recipe is top-notch. I finally found a recipe that everyone likes in my family. I must admit it wasn’t easy. Some want the darkest chocolate possible, some want...

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Brza torta sa pistaćima / Easy creme caramel cake

Easy French creme caramel cake recipe

0 of 5 40 Minutes

This is one quick and easy creme caramel cake with pistachios from Brittany in France. Brittany is a region in the northwestern part of France facing the Atlantic ocean, and the main...

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Cheesecake recept sa borovnicama / Easy cheesecake recipe with blueberry

Easy Cheesecake recipe with blueberry and chia seeds

0 of 5 30 Minutes

I wanted to write this cheesecake recipe with blueberries and quinoa  as soon as possible because it’s fantastic. You should make use of the fresh blueberries season. But I think...

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