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French meat pie / Francuska pita sa mesom / quail Pithiviers recipe

How to make French traditional pie, Quail Pithiviers recipe

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If I had to choose a recipe that would represent my stay in France it would definitively be the quail Pithiviers recipe. Pithiviers Pithiviers means around French pie most often...

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Spiralizer tikvice sa sirom i avokadom / spiralizer zucchini pasta salad with avocado and goat cheese

Spiralizer zucchini with cheese (goat) and avocado, as a healthy whole-meal salad

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I simply had to include the spiralizer (love Spiralizer zucchini ), or as I like to call it “the vegetable spaghetti maker”, in my collection of small kitchen appliances. I...

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Domaća pita sa sirom / Homemade cheese pie with onion

How to make homemade cheese pie with onion and a modern twist?

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Homemade cheese pie with onion is made by my love for different flavours and baking styles. Under the impression of my trip to France on one hand and the love...

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Cheesecake recept sa borovnicama / Easy cheesecake recipe with blueberry

Easy Cheesecake recipe with blueberry and chia seeds

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I wanted to write this cheesecake recipe with blueberries and quinoa  as soon as possible because it’s fantastic. You should make use of the fresh blueberries season. But I think...

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Škola kuvanja / Cooking school

Cooking school top 5 important things that you will learn

Everything you need to know before you start cooking People often ask me or tell me something like “I want to learn how to cook but I don’t know where to begin”. I must admit that the answer is very complicated so I don’t know where to begin, too. What we must ask ourselves every […]

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Crni-beli luk, black garlic

What is, how to use and how healthy is black garlic?

Have you ever heard of black garlic? I was just as surprised when I learned about it in France. What is black garlic? t is nothing else but the regular garlic, either Serbian domestic, or Chinese kind, except that it is aged and fermented. What happens to it and causes its cloves to turn black […]

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Good olive oil (dobro maslinovo ulje i kako ga izabrati)

How to choose good olive oil in the heap of offered?

Every time when I am thinking about a new bottle of olive oil, I have a big headache. In a minute I have millions of questions in my head. What and how to choose? Which one is fake, which one is not…What is commercial catch or there is not …How can I avoid poisoning by poor […]

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Sicily Palermo and Monreale, and the rest of the northern part

Sicily Palermo and Monreale, and the rest of the northern part

Sicily but Palermo, Monreale…Cefalu….Once I saw the south, southeast and the east, I was left with the north. The north is not such a popular holiday destination for our local agencies, but it is popular as sort of a sightseeing trip. But I really don’t understand why, because it’s the place I would really like […]

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