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Fish terrine with vegetables

Fish terrine and rice mousse with aromatic herbs

0 of 5 60 Minutes

Fish terrine as an inspiration This is one of those recipes that tells you how to easily implement Michelin secrets into your home and everyday cooking. Fish was the inspiration for...

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Tajine with lamb and vegetables / Jagnjetina sa povrćem

Moroccan tajine lamb with vegetables

0 of 5 35 Minutes

What exactly is Tajine? Tajine is actually a pot, but of an unusual shape. It’s like a cone and it has a clay base. It is a pot used for...

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Mille Foille Fruit Cheesecake

French fruit mille feuille cheesecake

0 of 5 60 Minutes

You must agree with me that fruit cheesecake is a treat often made during spring and summer. But, fruit mille feuille cheesecake of a thousand sheets  (or a million or...

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Riža sa ribom / Poke bowl recipe

Poke Bowl a perfect meal for summer days

0 of 5 15 Minutes

Poke Bowl is a modern dish with rice and they originate from Japan. Today, they are popular in the rest of the world as well. Poke actually means “cutting, slicing”...

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Sicilian villages what to see in Savoca and Forca d'Agro

Sicilian villages what to see in Savoca and Forca d’Agro

An obsession (not) meant to be I must admit that I prepared myself a lot for this post. I have never talked about it to anyone besides my family, but I am a graduated criminologist not meant to be. When I was enrolling in the university, my first wish was the department of criminalistics at […]

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Škola kuvanja / Cooking school

Cooking school top 5 important things that you will learn

Everything you need to know before you start cooking People often ask me or tell me something like “I want to learn how to cook but I don’t know where to begin”. I must admit that the answer is very complicated so I don’t know where to begin, too. What we must ask ourselves every […]

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Crni-beli luk, black garlic

What is, how to use and how healthy is black garlic?

Have you ever heard of black garlic? I was just as surprised when I learned about it in France. What is black garlic? t is nothing else but the regular garlic, either Serbian domestic, or Chinese kind, except that it is aged and fermented. What happens to it and causes its cloves to turn black […]

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Good olive oil (dobro maslinovo ulje i kako ga izabrati)

How to choose good olive oil in the heap of offered?

Every time when I am thinking about a new bottle of olive oil, I have a big headache. In a minute I have millions of questions in my head. What and how to choose? Which one is fake, which one is not…What is commercial catch or there is not …How can I avoid poisoning by poor […]

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