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Trip to Geneva

A Geneva you haven’t seen before

Two words Switzerland. Geneva. A trip to Geneva. If somebody asked you to describe Geneva in two words, I think that most of us would say it is a cosmopolitan city, like Paris, London or Rome. Expensive cars in the streets, expensive clothes, expensive watches and jewelry, and an expensive life. The city of money. […]

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Lake Geneva Chillon castle

The dark history of the Chillon castle on Lake Geneva

Getting to Switzerland Easy Jet via Geneva for 45 €. Already enough. Comfy and cozy. Accommodation with or without breakfast. Booking vs. Airbnb. The cheapest rent a car PatrickLocation. Synonyms and associations for the castle of Chillon Lake Geneva, of Leman, as the French call it. On the island. Near Montreux. It is mentioned in […]

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