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How is chocolate made?

Chocolate, how is made from beginning?

Chocolate as association The holidays are approaching, and a great number of us will stick their noses in their pots and make something sweet for the New Year’s feast. It’s time to waken the hedonism both in our heads and stomachs. Yes, and that is the way to go… well, why on Earth did we […]

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Trip to Geneva

A Geneva you haven’t seen before

Two words Switzerland. Geneva. A trip to Geneva. If somebody asked you to describe Geneva in two words, I think that most of us would say it is a cosmopolitan city, like Paris, London or Rome. Expensive cars in the streets, expensive clothes, expensive watches and jewelry, and an expensive life. The city of money. […]

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Lake Geneva Chillon castle

The dark history of the Chillon castle on Lake Geneva

Getting to Switzerland Easy Jet via Geneva for 45 €. Already enough. Comfy and cozy. Accommodation with or without breakfast. Booking vs. Airbnb. The cheapest rent a car PatrickLocation. Synonyms and associations for the castle of Chillon Lake Geneva, of Leman, as the French call it. On the island. Near Montreux. It is mentioned in […]

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