Savoury tartar- salmon and chives

Savoury tartar- salmon and chives

Salmon tartar from the ‘mountains’

Although it’s in the mountain region of Süd Tyrol, there is often fish in the menu. Although it’s most frequently fish from clean mountain rivers, it’s not extraordinary to find some dishes with salmon. Carpaccio or tartar are often prepared with it.

 Always an option

What I recommend is trying two spread variations.


  1. With cream cheese, and the other one
  2. With Greek yogurt sauce- combine 10ml of Greek yogurt with aromatic herbs: fennel, basil, chives and parsley with some lemon juice.

If you don’t like any of the options to prepare Salmon tartar, there is always a solution.

A great idea if the guests are at the door and you need to think of a simple thing to serve with a welcome drink.

The secret is in the simplicity. There is nothing complicated about Italian cuisine.

Salmon tartar is a surely simple dish, although it may not seem like that at first.

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