Đuveč crock pot

Old ratatouille in new edition

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Milica as inspiration I check other blogs too, not just mine. I love reading what kinds of stews and soups other great cooks prepare and for whom. It’s not exactly...

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Svinjski file sa pečurkama i suvim šljivama

Pork with mushrooms (chanterelle) and dried plums

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Longing for tradition The perfect combination for losing weight and increasing man’s libido is pork with mushrooms and dried plums. Let’s have a glance at our tradition. The young ones...

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Gnječeni pasulj sa čilijem i pečenom paprikom

Mashed beans with chili and roasted pepper

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Original recipe Mashed beans with chili and roasted pepper is one of those recipes I can always make, because they taste so good. Kosovar style. I had mashed beans with...

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Paprike sa sirom iz bakine kujne

Cheese stuffed peppers from grandma’s kitchen

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Why cheese peppers? Honestly, I’ve decided to prepare peppers with cheese because I can’t find them anywhere in Belgrade… there can be either peppers in sour cream, or chopped peppers...

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