Pita sa spanaćem

Fast and easy spinach pie with phyllo dough

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Fast and easy and the main clue is a combination of spices. Step by step spinach pie with bacon? I made it with phyllo dough. So there are no worries...

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Tartlets with chicken and coconut milk

Chicken tartlets with coconut milk how it is made?

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Tartlet is actually a smaller tart, which is most often filled with sweet stuffing. We will upgrade it here and fill it with salty stuffing. Depending on how it’s served,...

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Domaća pita sa sirom / Homemade cheese pie with onion

How to make homemade cheese pie with onion and a modern twist?

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Homemade cheese pie with onion is made by my love for different flavours and baking styles. Under the impression of my trip to France on one hand and the love...

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Pita od bundeve i gorgonzola sira - recept / Recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Pie with Gorgonzola cheese

The best roasted pumpkin pie recipe with Gorgonzola cheese

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I always have time and space in my stomach for a pie. This pumpkin pie is for all crunchy crust pie lovers, the ones that break into tiniest pieces every...

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Hleb sa bademima i suvim voćem / Homemade banana bread

The best homemade the healthiest banana bread?

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To make banana bread with almonds and dry fruit that tastes this good, I must have apple puree. And the recipe for the simplest homemade apple puree you can get...

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Ground turkey and avocado Mexican pie

Ground turkey and avocado Mexican pie

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Love Mexico Ground turkey Mexican pie is very often on our menu. How many times did you prepare some meat pie? If you love meat pie or ground turkey pie,you...

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