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How did we survive the first shipwreck and become sailors on Lefkada?

Your own or somebody else’s For me, there’s nothing more beautiful than visiting beaches by...

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Dream destination with electric-blue water

Lefkada Greece Another one of the Top Greek destinations in the Ionian sea. Island or not?...

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Dalmatian food that can make you better lovers

Dalmatian food as an aphrodisiac We arrived, settled, made our tour plan for our entire...

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15+ quick advice what to do in Split

You are all invited In order to be able to feel and experience this, you...

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5+ insider info for a summer vacation in Split

Split- the city of the Game of Thrones Not so big, yet, the second in...

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Why we love Taor’s springs (And you should too)?

Serbia travel guide Where is Taor’s springs? Have you ever heard of Taor’s springs? Maybe...

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Onion for beginners

Its majesty, onion Can you imagine this world without onion? Or any other dish for...

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How Food Saver and Crock Pot helped me?

On my own To be honest, I am no longer sure if it was the...

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How I made easy savings in houshold budget

Hungry eyes Just how hard it is to feed your hungry eyes! The worst thing...

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